SC OL Playing the Waiting Game?

The Clemson Tigers and many of the nation's top programs are making a hard push for one of the top offensive linemen in South Carolina for the class of 2008. When will the star linemen be ready to make his decision? has the latest on this top prospect in this recruiting update.

OL Dalton Freeman Profile

Pelion star offensive lineman Dalton Freeman is showing his athleticism on the golf course and the track this spring.

"I am through with the visits for right now," he told in a recen interview. "I am finishing up spring sports. I am playing golf and doing track right now. We have our upper state golf match this week. Next Saturday we have the upper state track meet."

Not surprisingly, the scholarship offers continue to flow in for one of the top offensive linemen in the Southeast.

"Right now I have 17 offers now. The latest team to offer was Ole Miss," said Freeman. "We are expecing more coaches to start coming to visit over the next few weeks."

When asked about his current leader in recruiting process, Freeman responded, "I am not sure. Clemson was the first to offer and I have always liked them. It is pretty much anybody's game right now. It is still up in the air.

"I want to make sure it is the right decision. It may be during the season or closer to signing day."

The Palmetto state standout also says he has gotten to know several of Clemson's 2007 offensive line class and is talking to some of the other top targets for this year.

"Actually I have been talking with Mason and some others in this year's class," he said. "I am also talking with some of the guys in my class. Kenneth Page and I text each other almost every day now.

"We just talk about different schools. We talk about what each school has to offer. We share notes on what we know about the schools. We are both enjoying the process. We talk about how lucky and blessed we are." The prize recruit couldn't make the Clemson spring game as he had other priorities that day. "I wanted to come to the spring game, but I couldn't make it. We had our prom that night," added Freeman. Top Stories