JackSmack: Issue #48

Hello out there in Tiger Land, if there are any JackSmack fans still out there, the first issue last week was not received by my editor in time, so it we've combined last week's season predictions into one full issue to start the season.

Yeah, yeah, Jack's back. Sorry, but my editor wouldn't let me write until after the A's lost a game. Joking. I've had a crazy, busy summer, and I apologize I'm just now getting back at it. So while I can already hear Colorado fans crying in January because they got screwed by Texas (or somebody else), let's start with some college football.

As for the Clemson Tigers (1-1), we open the conference schedule against Georgia Tech this weekend in Death Valley. The line is even, but I really like our chances, even though this game is always close.

Everyone outside of Clemson has Bowden on the hot seat this year. No way. His players are so young, he's got at least 3 more years easy. I've seen us anywhere from 3rd to 7th in the ACC. We'll finish 2nd or 3rd, no problem.

Here are my picks for the conference winners:
ACC: Florida State (some comp from GT and Clemson)
Big 12: (North) Nebraska (Colorado and Iowa state challenge)
(South) Texas (challenged by OU)
Big East: Miami (challenged by VT)
Big 10: Ohio State (Michigan, Notre Dame, and MSU compete)
Pac Ten: Washington (challenged by Wash. St., Oregon, and USC)
SEC: (East) Florida (Tennessee and Georgia compete)
(West) Alabama (just a stab—it's a total toss up)

Last week nationally, Miami routed Florida, in a bit of a surprise for me, but Grossman was given no time, and when he had it, he didn't do much with it. Oklahoma escaped a great effort from Alabama in Norman where not many teams come in and dominate like the Tide did in the 2nd half. A great game ended with Bama 10 yards from sending the game to overtime with a field goal. The Irish beat Purdue 24-17, but for the 2nd consecutive week have not scored an offensive TD. They may need Rudy for the Michigan game.

This week's big games:
Michigan (-4) @ (21) Notre Dame
Nebraska (-5) @ (25) Penn State
Washington St. @ (8) Ohio St. (-8)
Georgia (-5) @ South Carolina
So. Cal. @ (19) Colorado (-2 ½)
Louisville @ Colorado St. (-1 ½)
Miami (Ohio) @ LSU (-12)

Last week's picks went 3-2, but the 2 losses were incredibly close. The pick of the week, Ohio State covered easy, and Ole Miss and Arkansas could have been locks, too. Colorado St. let UCLA score 14 in the 4th to barely cover, and GT's second team let Connecticut score in the last minute to cover.

This week, I have 6 picks for you:
Pick of the week: FSU (-13 ½) @ Maryland

Arkansas (-11 ½) vs. South Florida
Miami (-38 ½) @ Temple
ISU (+4) @ Iowa
Ole Miss (+4) @ Texas Tech
N.C. State (-14 ½) vs. Wake Forest

In the NFL, 9 of the top 10 rusher's teams won except for Buffalo who lost on another incredible kickoff return in overtime.

Last week's pick sucked. I can't believe Indy couldn't cover (-3 ½) against Jacksonville.

This week, here's who I like:
Pick of the week: Tennessee (-3) @ Dallas

KC (-4) vs. Jacksonville
TB (-3 ½) vs. Baltimore
Cleveland (-4) vs. Cincinnati

Sorry about the briefness and sorry about the miscommunication, but we will be on the same page from here on out. Questions, comments, barbs: you can always e-mail Jack at: jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com.

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