Bowden Comments on Gaines Adams

"I am very happy for Gaines and his family. He showed patience in January of 2006 when he decided to come back for his senior year and that patience paid off today," said Bowden.

"That has been a pattern with our first round picks. Rod Gardner (2001) and Tye Hill (2006) probably could have turned pro early and been a middle round pick, but they came back for their senior year and it made a big difference.

"Gaines selection as the number-four pick in the NFL draft puts a cap on one of the greatest careers in Clemson football history. You have to go back to Banks McFadden in 1939 to find the last time Clemson had a player chosen this high in the draft.

"He was also just the second unanimous All-American in Clemson history (Terry Kinard 1983). And, he graduated this past December. Good things happen to good people.

"When we signed him five years ago I thought he had a chance to play professional football, but I didn't know he would be a first-round draft choice, never mind being a top five NFL pick.

"It did not surprise me a bit that Tampa Bay selected him. They did a lot of research and Monte Kiffin, one of the best defensive coaches in the business, spent two days here in the spring." Top Stories