Tampa Bay Quotes on Gaines Adams

Here are quotes from Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and assistant head coach/defensive line coach Larry Coyer on new selection Gaines Adams.

"I'll say that he is a guy we think is the number-one defensive player in his draft. There were some other players, honestly, that we would have loved to have had. But you only get to pick once, unfortunately. We got a guy that we think is an outstanding player and he has a chance to be a great pro football player. He'll fit in our scheme nicely, and I think he'll have the talent to upgrade our pass rush immediately."

"The pure pass rush separated Gaines Adams just a little bit. And it was a tough call. But again, we got a guy we really think has a tremendous upside and a great future as a pass rusher. And we need to improve our pass rush. I think we all know that."

"It is important to get pressure. The quarterback steps up under center and looks over there and he kind of feels it. You used to feel that from the Bucs, and I don't feel like they were feeling it last year, the last couple of years. Gaines Adams brings that to our defense; he really does.

"(It's) his flexibility and his balance and his speed off the edge. If you're fast off the edge, then you can make your counter move. But if you can't beat somebody off the edge, you can never get to your counter move, so you've got to get the left or right tackle to open up and then you come back inside."

"What I don't like is when people – and I'm talking in general – think, ‘We ought to take this guy because he ran this time at the combine, because he bench pressed this and gosh, that 20-yard shuttle… and did you see his 10-yard time?' Let me tell you something. All that stuff is important, and all of these computer reports [are too]. But a computer has never made a tackle yet, has never made a sack or got pressure. All I want to know is what did he do on tape. Tape doesn't lie."

"As Coach Kiffin said, we can teach you how to play the run – you don't know about that, it's coaching. We can teach you how to use your hands, teach you how to come off with control, we can stunt. But what you have to give us is pass rush; that's God-given. That's a fact in the National Football League, that you have to have a God-given ability to rush the passer. Once you have that ability, I think a coach can coach you and refine your skills. If you don't have that ability, I don't know if there's any coach who can coach you. There's no magic to pass rushing. Pass rushing is a God-given talent, feel, sense.

"A pass rusher has a sense. This kid has that sense, a feel. He's got an ability when to accelerate and how to counter. He knows how to speed up, slow down, make his moves in and out. The thing that separates him is his tenacity. He stays after it and stays after it and after it. And he makes long, chase plays. He will make plays a long way down the field. I think that he is special and his effort will make him great."

"The key is your ability as an individual and as a unit to put pressure on the quarterback. That's where Buc D has made its living, and that's where Buc D has got to go again. We've got to get back to being feared. When they see our guys get in that stance, they've got to feel us right then off the snap. And there has to be a sense of ‘I can feel those freakin' guys coming.'"

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