On the Record: Dustin Fry

Former Clemson standout is thrilled to head to the St. Louis Rams in the fifth round. "I always had a real good rapport with their coaches at the Senior Bowl and at the Combine," Fry told CUTigers.com Sunday afternoon.

Dustin Fry Profile

Clemson senior center Dustin Fry was selected in the fifth round with the 139th overall pick by the St. Louis Rams. Here is what the Summerville native had to say in an exclusive interview moments after being drafted.

Q: Was this just another day where you were calm or relaxed or were you getting anxious?
Fry: "It was anything but cool and calm. I had Dallas call me at the 122 pick and I thought I might go there. But I always thought St. Louis was going to be the team, but you really never know."

Q: You said you thought St. Louis was going to be the team, any reason?
Fry: "I always had a real good rapport with their coaches at the Senior Bowl and at the Combine. They always seemed real easy around me. They were always joking with me and they really seemed to like me better than any other team. I just always felt good with that team and I'm just kind of glad that team picked me."

Q: What do you know about their center and line situation?
Fry: "Not too much. They have some older guys, is what their o-line coach told me. He said there were some older guys there and that if I work hard and make sure I'm in shape and that he doesn't have a problem with playing me this year. He said make sure I'm ready to go and we'll see where it goes from there."

Q: Did you learn on television you'd been picked or did they call you first?
Fry: "(Head) coach (Scott) Linehan called me right after the previous pick and said, ‘Hey, how'd you like to be a Ram?' And I said, I'd be interested and that it's the best news I'd heard all day. Then we saw it about three minutes later come up on the TV and that's when the family started jumping up and down."

Q: Was it a sense of relief or a sense of joy?
Fry: "Both. I'm not disappointed one bit. It was a sense of relief and joy, but more of a relief that this day is over. I don't get nervous before football games and I've been nervous all day today. It's relief and joy."

Q: Everything you thought it would be?
Fry: "It feels great right now. I'm glad that it happened early enough today where I can enjoy the rest of my day."

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