On the Record: C.J. Gaddis

Former Clemson defensive back talks about his move to the National Football League. "I'm already right behind Brian Dawkins. I was told I'm going to be right behind him," Gaddis told CUTigers.com just moments after being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round.

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Clemson junior cornerback/safety C.J. Gaddis was selected in the fifth round with the 159th overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles. Here is what the North Carolina native had to say in an exclusive interview by CUTigers.com moments after being drafted.

Q: What was it like when you finally got the call saying you were headed to Philadelphia?
Gaddis: "It was special because I was actually thinking late Saturday that I was going to get drafted, so I was a little disappointed and then the fourth round went and it got to me a little bit. But then I got a call and I seen that it was a 215 number and I answered it and it was the Eagles and they said we're getting ready to take you. Then I got emotional (Gaddis starts to cry again at this point) and for the next couple of minutes, I cried for the first time in like three years. It was an exciting moment."

Q: Have they said whether you'll play safety or corner?
Gaddis: "I'm already right behind Brian Dawkins. I was told I'm going to be right behind him. Lito Sheppard and B. Dawk are the only ones ahead of me right now. I'm going to have to learn from B. Dawk before I fight for a starting job. I'm just going to go to camp and compete."

Q: Were you pretty upset that you didn't get picked in the first three rounds?
Gaddis: "I thought that I would definitely go by the third and maybe even the second, so yeah, it did kind of get to me that I didn't go in the third round. And then the whole fourth round went by and then it kind of boiled over, too. It was a disappointment. But anybody who knows me knows that when I go to camp that I'm going to work hard. I can't let the negatives get to me."

Q: If you had to do it all over again, knowing what you know now, would you have stayed in school?
Gaddis: "I definitely, definitely would not stay in school. I miss school, but I don't. I do not regret any decisions I made. I love Clemson. I'm glad I got to work with Coach Vic (Koenning). But I think this is the best thing for me. Of course, I wasn't in Gaines' situation, but there was no guarantee that I'd be in his situation after my senior year. But now I'm in a situation that as long as I stay healthy and stay out of trouble, I will succeed at this level of football. I can promise you that."

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