New Format for 2007 ACC Baseball Championship

Eight teams will compete in the league championship May 23-27.

With the 2007 ACC Baseball Championship approaching in three weeks, the tournament format and tie breakers for this year's league event are as follows.

A total of eight teams will be selected to compete in the league championship. The top two teams from both divisions, determined by conference winning percentage, and the next four teams with the best conference winning percentage regardless of division will advance to the postseason event.

Seeds will be determined after the completion of the regular season (May 19, 2007). Once the championship seeds have been set, the conference office will determine both the bracket and sequence of games to be played. Teams will be divided into two brackets with seeds #1, 4, 5 and 8 in bracket one and seeds #2, 3, 6 and 7 in bracket two.

The bracket which plays in Session I (Wednesday afternoon) will also play in Session III (Thursday evening) and Session V (Saturday afternoon). The bracket which plays in Session II (Wednesday evening) will also play in Session IV (Friday evening) and Session VI (Saturday evening).

The team with the best tournament record in each of the two brackets will compete for the Championship. If more than one team is tied at the completion of round-robin play in the brackets, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:

(1) Two Teams Tied: (a) The team that won the head-to-head competition in Championship games will advance.

(2) Three Teams Tied: (a) The team with the best overall conference winning percentage in regular season play will advance.

(b) The team with the best head-to-head conference winning percentage among the tied teams in regular season play, provided that all teams were common opponents during the regular season, will advance.

(c) The team with the highest seed in the respective bracket will advance.

NOTE: If multiple teams tie and the tie can be reduced to two teams, the provisions for the two team ties will be used from that point forward.

The 2007 ACC Baseball Championship will be held on the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla., on May 23-27. Top Stories