Roberson Focused on the Season

Avery Roberson, one of the top ranked safety prospects in the country, missed out on a visit to Clemson this weekend, but a future visit is likely in the works. Hear what else Avery had to say about the Tigers and recruiting in general in this report.

Avery Roberson Profile

S Avery Roberson, LB Jarvis Jackson, and CB Jeremie Johnson were all supposed to make the trip up to Clemson from the metro Atlanta area this weekend. Did they make it?

"No sir. After our game on Friday I was really tired, plus I had an SAT class that I had to take early Saturday morning. I don't think Jeremie or Jarvis made it either." said Roberson.

Roberson maintains that he's going to wait until later in the season to set up his official visits. "I haven't decided which schools I'm going to see yet, and I still need to set everything up through my coach."

Unfortunately, his senior season has gotten off to rocky start as Washington High School tied their first game and lost their second game this past weekend.

"We tied the first one and lost our last one. We've been playing pretty bad, but all we need to do is regain our focus and make sure our seniors take a better leadership role," said Roberson.

And what about the Clemson Tigers, are they still in the picture?

"Coach Burns called last week either on Thursday and Wednesday. He should be calling me back tonight sometime too," said Roberson.

While recruiting has been a hot topic around the Roberson household, Avery indicated on more than one occasion that his focus has been squarely on helping his team turn the corner.

"We just need to get things going and it hasn't happened yet. It's been both with our offense and defense. The seniors just need to step up and take more of a leadership role and we'll be okay."

Roberson's top 5 remains the same since our last interview and includes Clemson, Auburn, LSU, Indiana, and Georgia Tech. He is currently ranked as the 6th best prospect in the country at safety by

We will continue to keep you updated on Avery Roberson throughout the season. Top Stories