CUTigersTV: Top SC CB Talks Favorites

CHARLOTTE - caught up with Charles Whitlock after the Combine in Charlotte on Saturday. Watch Whitlock break down his top schools and also read about his timeframe for a verbal commitment in this report!

DB Charles Whitlock Profile

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Transcript of the Whitlock Interview
Which teams have been by Chester to visit you during the past few weeks?
Whitlock: "Illinois, Virginia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina and Clemson. That is just about it."

Where do you stand right now as far as your favorite schools?
Whitlock: "I am planning on cutting that down at the end of the summer."

What will be important to you when you narrow it down this summer?
Whitlock: "I will look for a good environment. I want to go where I can be in a BCS Bowl game."

How important will distance be for you?
Whitlock: "That is not a factor."

Are you going to any summer camps or do you just plan to take some visits?
Whitlock: "I am just going to take some visits."

Where do you plan to visit this summer?
Whitlock: "I will visit Ohio State, Florida and Auburn. Those three I have planned right now."

Which teams are recruiting you the hardest right now?
Whitlock: "All of them are the same. It is getting very, very busy right now."

What kind of timing are you looking at for a final decision?
Whitlock: "It will be at the beginning of the season." Top Stories