For Recruiting Junkies Only!

As most of you know, I try to keep my finger pressed firmly on the pulse of the recruiting grapevine. To keep my sanity (yeah, right!) I have a list which I update every month or so of the recruits that we reportedly have the best shot at signing, based on various and sundry reports. So here it is!

Rumor Mill: Rumors have swirled recently that the Tigers actually have more commitments than the four that have gone public.

QB - (1-2)
Reportedly the staff might be satisfied taking just one quarterback in this class with the current abundance of talent we have available.

Clemson Locks:
C.J. Gaddis - Firmly committed. An excellent dual-threat QB, and widely acknowledged as one of the top prospects from NC, and top athletes in the southeast.

Despite the usual fan speculation that occurs every time we get an athletic QB (that they are automatically headed for a position switch), Gaddis has a great shot at playing QB for us in the future, just wait and see. With his solid commitment the staff has now trimmed their short list down considerably.

Long shots:
Syvelle Newton – This may not be what most Tigers want to hear, but I will be shocked if Newton doesn't ink with the Gamecocks in February. They have him convinced that he is their quarterback of the future and will see immediate playing time. But, if he is as skilled as most people seem to think he is, Lou and Skip could have a true freshman playing at QB next season.

Stephen Moffett – plans to schedule an official visit.

Jake Tompkins – has always maintained the Tigers are his favorite and plans to visit.

RB - (1-2)
With Duane Coleman now enrolled the staff can afford to be VERY selective here.

Smart money:
Rodney Kinlaw – Reportedly Clemson is holding firm in his top five, possibly top two. Penn State and Virginia Tech are definitely in the picture. If the Tigers take only one back this year, Kinlaw might be the one.

Brandon Nolen – Currently favors the Tigers according to recent reports.

Dark horse:
Demetris Summers - Definitely a Gamecock lean, and no matter how optimistic some Tiger fans are about swaying him, I don't see it happening. However anything can happen, especially if USC has a down year and Clemson pulls down 9-10 wins. Regardless, I hope Mete will not be the next in a long line of super-talented SC prospects to have difficulty meeting their academic requirements. I'll be pulling for him to qualify wherever he signs.

Long shots:
Alan Abrams – Tigers are reportedly among the top.

Kolby Smith – Recent reports indicate that the Tigers have slipped down a bit but are still in his top 5.

Skyler Thornton - We are reportedly in the top 5-7 and may get a visit. Any time we can get a kid to officially visit we have a chance, but I wouldn't encourage you to hold your breath.

WR - (2-3)
A lot rides on how certain the staff is about Roscoe Crosby returning next year.

Smart money:
Terrell Allen - Heavily favors the Tigers and might be a silent commit already.

Chris Jefferson - Appears to be heavily favoring the Tigers.

Decent odds:
Cory Clemons – Reportedly has Tigers in his top 3 with FSU and Florida. Being recruited by Coach Stockstill.

DeCody Fagg – Tigers are reportedly in his top 4, but he is apparently an FSU lean. From Shanks HS so Tigers do have a shot.

Long shots:
Sean Bailey is a long shot, probably will be a Georgia Bulldog. Tristen Ross is another long shot.

TE - (0-1)
The Tigers figure to sign one tight end this year, who it will be is still up in the air.

Long odds:
Will Paul - Tigers reportedly hanging tough in the top four, and should get an official visit.

Josh Coffman - Tigers are reportedly his only offer so far, and appear to be in his top 5.

OL - (4-5)
The offensive line continues to be a priority for the Tigers' coaching staff.

Clemson Locks:
Jarrod Britt - solid commit, despite recent pressure from FSU.

Clint LaTray - solid commit.

Smart money:
Trevor Rees - has Tigers in top two, possibly leading.

Brandon Pilgrim – recently reported that the Tigers are a heavy favorite.

Decent odds:
Mario Henderson - Recently reported that Clemson has a slight lead over Florida, but don't count out Miami IF they offer. The good news is the Canes just landed a commitment from Derrick Morse.

Zeb McKinzey – favors UGA with Clemson just behind; when it comes down to brass tacks the Dawgs are the team to beat here.

David Overmyer - reportedly favors FSU and Miami and then Clemson.

Marion Dukes – The Gamecocks reportedly still lead, but the Tigers and UGA have narrowed the gap recently.

Long shot:
Ty Hall - Lists the Tigers along with about ten other favs, and is still waiting on that elusive offer from Ohio State.

DL - (2-3)

Clemson Locks:
The Tigers appear to be in decent position with two big studs on the defensive line.

Anthony McDaniel - Tigers lead; maybe a silent commit.

Smart money:
Delaine Means – Has the Tigers atop his list reportedly.

Kenny Price – Loves the Tigers; may even commit soon. But, if UNC offers they will definitely be in the picture.

Decent odds:
Eric Young – The Vols have reportedly pulled even with the coots, and both hold a slim lead over the Tigers, UGA and Florida.

Jamar Kelly – Tight race between the Tigers and the coots. USC has yet to offer.

Ken Shackleford – Tigers trail only UGA.

Omar Savage – Tigers are reportedly in the top 3 along with Rutgers and Maryland.

Long shots:
Dominic Cooper - Tigers trail LSU and Miami. Sian Cotton and Cedric Boone are also long shots.

LB - (2)
The Tigers want speed in their linebackers, and two solid prospects that are looking hard at Clemson have more speed that you can imagine.

Smart money:
Marcus Howard - Tigers lead, may be a silent commit.

Jarvis Jackson - Tigers reportedly lead slightly over GT, Miss and Miss State.

Decent odds:
David Hines - Tigers appear to trail UGA

Long shots:
Alexander Williams and Vince Hall are also long shots, along with Jonna Lee and Dana Graydon.

DB - (2-3)
The Tigers appear to be in good shape with several players that could move into the Rover/Whip position. Cornerback might still be a question mark.

Clemson Locks:
Maurice Nelson - Tigers lead, may be a silent commitment. Some project him as an outside linebacker.

Good odds:
Avery Roberson - Tigers appear to be in his top 2-3, and may lead.

Mike Walker - Tigers in top two.

Jeremie Johnson - Tigers are among several leaders.

Long odds:
Jhermaine McAroy - Tigers are among leaders, but FSU leads.

Daryl Johnson and LaBrose Hedgeman are also long shots.

K - (1)
The Tigers will sign one kicker next year and it looks like that position has already been wrapped up.

Clemson Lock:
Jad Dean - firm commit Top Stories