CUTigersTV: The Next Jacoby Ford?

Earlier this month at the combine sophomore Larry Raper from Shelby, N.C. stole the show with two impressive times in the 40-yard dash.

WR Larry Raper Profile

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CUTigers caught up with Raper after another combine, the VTO Combine, Saturday afternoon in Charlotte.

How is the camp going today?
Raper: "It is going real good. We had an opportunity to go out there and work on different skills with our feet and everything. I have been working out individually with the running backs catching passes and stuff. It has been going very good."

Which schools are you hearing from right now?
Raper: "My main college is Clemson. I haven't heard from any really because I am just a sophomore. That is really all."

Your cousin is Travis Padgett, the track star at Clemson, correct?
Raper: "Yes sir."

With the speed we saw at the Scout combine last week are you looking to do track as well as football?
Raper: "Yes sir."

Do you plan to go to any camps this summer?
Raper: "Yes, I am going to Clemson's camp. I am going to the second session on the 13th to the 15th."

Which positions do you play for Shelby?
Raper: "We run the Wing T. I play left halfback. I play a little bit of wide receiver. I can do anything my coach puts me at."

What position do you prefer to play?
Raper: "I prefer to play running back but I know I am little for the position, but I think I can play it."

What is going to be important to you when you start looking at colleges?
Raper: "Well first it will depend on my major. I need to decide what I want to major in first. I want to be a Division 1 prospect. I know I am a Division 1 prospect. That is about it."

How important will the track program be for you when you pick a college?
Raper: "It will be very important. It will keep me in shape for football." Top Stories