Q&A with Jack Leggett

JACKSONVILLE - Clemson head coach Jack Leggett looks forward to Friday's ACC Tournament game against Wake Forest.


Opening Comments
Leggett: We know every game is important to us and we are using that as motivation. Last year we came in as the favorite and we played well. Last night was just a really good baseball game. Both sides of it. They played well. We played well. We could have done a better job and probably avoid four or five innings of baseball. Our pitching was superb: Moskos, Clyne and Farina. It was just a good team victory last night.

Are you working towards moving Brad Chalk to the field more gradually because he's been out for such a long period of time?
Leggett: It's really up to him, I haven't really talked to him today yet. He tells us when he can play. Just his presence in the line-up is a big thing for us. We'll see. The throwing is what bothers him the most and we really didn't have a chance to see him the field (yesterday). I don't know what the repercussions will be today, but he'll let me know.

Odds are that he plays DH again tomorrow night?
Leggett: Probably so. We'll see how he feels. That's the best possibility right now but it's a day by day thing with his back.

How important are the next two games in terms of being able to host a regional?
Leggett: Well I think they are important. Tomorrow is a big day for us. Saturday is big for us. I think we've earned our way there personally but I don't make those decisions. We finished second in our division and fourth overall. We played pretty well at the end of the year and we've gotten some big wins along the way. But I think so. We are just going to try accumulate a win here or win there and get ourselves hopefully to the championship game and see where it goes.

From what you've seen in the past, was the way you won last night a good way to catapult your team in a tournament like this?
Leggett: Yeah, you got to play well in tough games in a tournament to win. You are going to have one-run ball games. A lot of things happened last night- our pitching stepped up. J.D. Burgess stepped up a little bit for us as a freshman. So did Alex Lee. We did some good things when we had to do some good things. We stayed poised when we had to. Those are all good signs about how this team is maturing. We had five freshmen out there playing last night. It was kind of a synopsis of our season up to this point. It's just been one of those things where we've had to mix and match some things.

You took two out of three games to Wake Forest earlier this year. What do you remember about that team?
Leggett: They are a good hitting team. They've got about seven left handed hitters in their order. They keep coming at you. We had three really good ball games with them. We won two out of three but it could have gone either way. It will be a good challenge for us.

Is Kopp still going to get the start against Wake Forest?
Leggett: To be honest with you, we are still considering that. That was our original plan but with this format, we may end up doing something different. They've got seven lefthanders in the line up so we are going to think about the possibility of sending someone else. To get to the championship, you're going to have to win Saturday's game no matter what. I know that's what Florida State is thinking. We aren't looking past tomorrow because it's a very important game to us, and we want to try to keep on accumulating some wins and Wake Forest is a very good team. But we also know that maybe the right matchup tomorrow may not be what we thought it might be.

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