Q & A with Kevin Johnson

Starting cornerback Kevin Johnson talks about the improvement of the defense from a year ago, the importance of making a big play when the game was on the line last week, and how the team won't overlook Ball State in our latest Q & A session.

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How does the defense feel about winning the game last week on that last drive?
Johnson: It was just a time where we had to step up. You can't point fingers at the offense and say it's their fault. We needed to go in there and make a play, and that's what we did, we pulled the game out.

How do you avoid a letdown this Saturday?
Johnson: We are just using this game to get better. The thing is that we need to keep our composure on defense. We could lose to Ball State, we just have to stay composed back in the secondary this Saturday and we'll be fine.

Will the team be disappointed if you don't come out and put up a lot of points?
Johnson: We want to get as many points as we can. I think we are looking at this game to get better. Even though some people might not think they are on level, we need to come out and play well.

What do you know about Ball State?
Johnson: All I know is #44 is an All-American. They are real hard-nosed team. They are going to come in our house and try to run the ball real hard. I don't think they are team likes to throw a lot. You know this is a like a bowl game to them, they are coming here without anything to lose.

Talk about the pride on this defense right now
Johnson: Compared to last year, we had a lot of ups and downs. This year we are a lot closer, you know we all went through summer workouts together and two-a-days. We are all focused and on the same page. We've been doing real good for three games straight. It's nice because you'll have people come up to you on campus and tell you that you did a good job. That just adds to it.

Do you look at the polls and wonder why you aren't ranked yet?
Johnson: No not really, we really aren't focused on that, we just want to get respect. We are just taking everything one game at a time.

Is there any thoughts of FSU this week?
Johnson: We haven't said one thing about them. We are just focused on Ball State and then the off week coming up, then we'll think about Florida State.

Talk about the improvement on defense this year.
Johnson: We've got a coach that can relate to us now. It's not that Coach Herring was a bad coach or anything. This year we've got a better scheme and I feel more comfortable. I take my job more seriously now, and the defense is coming together and once you see that you tell yourself that you want to be in there with them to help out.

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