CUTigersTV: Future Tiger QB in Atlanta

ATLANTA - caught up with future Clemson quarterback Jon Richt to get his thoughts on the recruiting process and more at the Elite Camp in Atlanta.

QB Jon Richt Profile

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How does it feel to have your decision behind you?
Richt: "It just takes a lot of pressure off me in the recruiting process and everything. It just makes it easier on your day to day life."

Are you trying to work dad to get him to send some recruits your way?
Richt: "Actually when we were driving up here he was texting with some guys and he was about to let me start texting, but then he took the phone back and said no you might try to take some."

Why did you show up today with a Georgia football and Georgia shorts?
Richt: "Well that is pretty much all we got except a select few."

What are you hearing from the Clemson coaches right now?
Richt: "Pretty much to just keep working, get your footwork down. Just get ready."

Are you going to camp at Clemson this summer?
Richt: "Yes sir I am. I am not sure which session yet. I am going to one of the three day sessions."

What are your plans for the summer other than going to camp?
Richt: "I just want to get better, working out, getting faster and getting a quicker release."

Are you recruiting any of the guys in the Georgia area for Clemson?
Richt: "There is a few. I am just trying to help out on who the coaches want me to call. I'll call or I'll do whatever."

What do you want to get out of the camp today?
Richt: "I am just trying to get better." Top Stories