Apparently size does matter after all. Despite having better rankings in every major poll and a superior RPI, the NCAA Tournament Committee picked Mississippi State to be the host for this weekend's Super Regional because of a bigger stadium and the almighty dollar.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to have the committee chairman be your athletic director, either.

A representative of the NCAA said earlier Monday afternoon that the committee views all No. 2 seeds equal and that the only thing that really comes into play is the size of the stadium and the amount of money bid to host.

Clemson's Doug Kingsmore Stadium legally holds a little more than 5,100 fans, but can cram a few thousand more into it and around it.

Mississippi State's Dudy Noble Field, Polk-DeMent Stadium can hold as many as 14,000 fans, and has set NCAA records for attendance for baseball games.

Then there's the amount of money each school bid to host the Super Regional.

The minimum bid to host a Super Regional is $50,000, but that amount is usually, at the very least, doubled by the school that gets to host.

If Mississippi State put forth a bigger bid, then it's easy to see why the committee would select Starkville as the host site.

Then after all of that, the fact that the athletic director, Larry Templeton, is also the head of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee.

Templeton claims to have no say in the process when his team is involved, but it's very unlikely that his presence on the committee had no factor in the decision.

As a result, the Tigers will now have to travel to Starkville, Miss., and win two games in a very hostile environment in order to advance to the College World Series for the second consecutive season and for the fourth time this decade. Top Stories