Future Cat Safety Ready to Contribute

Future Clemson defender Scotty Cooper will be enrolling at Clemson in less than a month. In this interview, the 4-star safety goes on the record with CUTigers.com to discuss everything from what his preparations to his feelings about leaving home.

LB Scotty Cooper Profile

The 6-1, 205 pound future cat safety Scotty Cooper will be heading to Tigertown to begin his college career in less than four weeks. "I will be heading up there on July 1," he told CUTigers.com in a recent interview. "I am ready. I can't wait.

"I have been lifting, running and conditioning like I am supposed to. I want to make sure I am in good shape so when I get there I can contribute."

While Cooper has been working hard in the weight room, a trip to the dentist caused Cooper to lose a little weight earlier this spring.

"I lost a little weight because I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I have gained it all back now. I am about 205 right now," he said.

What is Cooper hearing from the Clemson coaching staff these days?

"I am just talking to them a lot. They are saying everything is going good. I am ready to get there and start to learn what I can," replied Cooper.

Cooper said one of the big thrills he's looking forward to at Clemson is the fans.

"I really am just looking forward to the fans," he said. "I am going to get my school work done. I can't wait to just play with the guys. The thing I am looking forward to the most is playing in front of the fans. I like to hang around with the fans. I like to run out on the field and get the fans hyped up."

The star defender has kept in touch with several of his future teammates.

"We talk all the time. I talk with Stanley, Chad, Daquan Bowers, Willy, Landon and Markish. We all talk a good bit," said Cooper.

Who will Cooper room with this summer?

"I am going to room with a guy from my school. Caleb Simmons is like my best friend. I call him my brother even though he's not really my brother. He is going to try to walk-on. I will room with him this summer and then we will probably move in with some other guys like Stanley this fall," replied Cooper.

Scotty also said he will miss home, but he is ready to become a Tiger.

"We graduated a couple of weeks ago. I am going to miss home of course. There is no place like home, but now I have got a new home at Clemson. I am kind of sad about leaving, but I will get over that real quick once I get up to Clemson with the guys. I am ready to get there," said Cooper.

Cooper also added he will be visiting Clemson within the week.

"I am going to go up for the high school camp," he said. "I'm not going to participate. I am going up for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I will be supporting some of my teammates. I think I will probably stay with Willy and them."

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