JackSmack: Issue #49

What's up, Tiger fans! What a fun game to watch last weekend. It always feels good to beat the Jackets, let's just hope it's not the high point of our season like it was last year. Our defense was great. John Lovett was a huge pickup. The offense was good enough, but the young guys we have on the field are so much fun to watch.

If Currie, Hamilton, Robinson, and Willie could throw and catch every pass like they do on some series, we would be so scary. So, now we're (2-1) and (1-0) in the conference. We are (-27) point favorites going into Saturday's game against Ball State. Then we have a week off before the big Thursday night game in Tallahassee on ESPN.

Nationally, it was an interesting Saturday. Notre Dame is (3-0) after beating Michigan and Tyrone Willingham has the Irish ranked 12th in the nation going into East Lansing this weekend. Does Joe Pa have the talent back at Penn State or is Nebraska really that bad? Either way, the Nittany Lions are ranked 15th and are (2-0) after 2 losing seasons. They also become the only game Ohio State has between now and their season finale against Michigan.

The Buckeyes made Washington State look like your typical non-physical Pac-10 team. Georgia escaped the Gamecocks, but I think they are way overrated as the eighth ranked team in the country. I guess Colorado fans were crying so much last year because they knew they were going to suck so bad this year. I don't know, but who's gotten beat that badly by Southern Cal in the last decade?

Also, Cal is undefeated through three games after a 1-win season and is ranked after routing Michigan State in the Spartan's backyard. The Big Ten looks pathetic with Wisconsin squeaking by Northern Illinois. All this will likely force the Buckeyes to go undefeated to get in the Fiesta Bowl. Also, Nevada upset BYU and Colorado State got a fairly big win knocking off Louisville.

This week's big games:
(13) Florida @ (4) Tennessee (-3 ½) (Everyone is writing off the Gators, but this is a huge rivalry.)

(7) Virginia Tech (-3) @ (21) Texas A&M (A pretty good test for the Hokies.)

(11) So. Cal @ (23) Kansas St. (-3 ½) (A marker for both teams.)

(12) Notre Dame @ Mich. St. (-2 ½) (I don't get this line; that's what scares me.)

(16) N.C. State @ Texas Tech (-2 ½) (A tough roadie for the Wolfpack.)

Last week's picks were solid at (4-2) and I did nail my pick of the week with an easy FSU victory. Overall, I'm (7-4) in college and have hit both picks of the week. This week, I like 3 games. I like Ole Miss (-21) at home over Vandy and although the number's high, I like the ‘Noles (-45) over Duke in Tallahassee, and my pick of the week is Virginia Tech (-3) @ Texas A&M.

On to the NFL, where parity and wackiness continue to reign. I'm not going to rehash every game, I just want to give you some notes and tidbits after week 2.

--Road team's were (11-5) last week.

--Don't write off the Rams or the Steelers. Both will still be in the playoffs and neither played a bad team in the 1st two weeks and the Steelers lost to 2 definite playoff teams.

--The 2 quarterbacks that look the best right now are Bledsoe and Brady.

--The Patriots have won 11 in a row.

--Trent Dilfer lost his first game in his last 16 starts.

--Denver is (2-0) after beating the two best teams in the NFC West.

--Where the hell did Rodney Peete come from?

--Does Tim Couch deserve the start over Kelly Holcomb this week?

Right now in the NFL, the best division is the AFC West and the worst has to be the AFC North.

Here's my take on the (2-0) teams:

Solid: New England, New Orleans, Oakland, and Denver

???: Chicago and Miami

Joke: Carolina and San Diego

Last week's picks were (2-2) and I lost my pick of the week as the Cowboys surprised everyone by beating the Titans. Overall, I'm (2-3) and have lost both picks of the week. But remember last year, I started slow in the NFL, and ended up hitting 8 picks of the week in a row. This week, I like the Saints (+2 ½) @ Chicago, the Eagles (-8) over Dallas, and the Patriots (-8) over KC. My pick of the week is easy. The Rams. St. Louis (-1) @ Tampa Bay.

Some baseball notes this week and while there are great races going on out West for the AL West crown and the NL wildcard, I want to clear up some MVP and Cy Young races.

AL MVP: I am biased, but I like Soriano over Tejada. (Sorry A-Rod, but I don't consider players on losing teams). While everyone is on Tejada's bandwagon right now, you can not overlook what Fonzie has done this year. A 40-40 second baseman joining only Canseco, Bonds, and A-Rod. He leads the AL in so many categories, it's gross. I can say that neither team would be where they are without them.

NL MVP: Bonds, easy. He is the most feared hitter since Babe Ruth. He is being walked and walked and walked. With the playoffs on the line, he is being put on first in the late innings as the winning run.

AL Cy: Zito. Apologies to Lowe, but Pedro doesn't deserve consideration.

NL Cy: Schilling? Johnson? Does it matter?

Enjoy the pennant races and a great weekend of football. Talk at you next week.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to e-mail me at: jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com.

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