The Waiting Game

With just two weeks of summer left before he enrolls at Clemson, one of the top signees in Clemson's 2007 recruiting class is still waiting on that final test score. has the latest in this report.

WR Markish Jones Profile

Future Clemson wide receiver Markish Jones is enjoying his last few days of summer before he is scheduled to begin his Clemson career.

"I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can," he said. "I am working on my hamstring. That is why I didn't run track this season. I am trying to get it back to 100%."

The Shrine Bowl MVP is still waiting for a qualifying test score.

"Yes I am waiting on my test score," Jones said. "I took it like three weeks ago. I am waiting to get back an SAT score and an ACT score. I was close on the ACT. I think I did better this time. I only need two more points.

"I expect to get those back before I head to Clemson," he said. "I called and paid for a rush score. I should get them soon."

Clemson assistant coach David Blackwell has kept in close contact with the future Tiger receiver.

"The main thing the coaches have been talking with me about is if I have gotten the test scores back. They are also telling me they are ready for me to get there," said Jones.

The Broome speedster plans to room with another speedster from North Carolina.

"Me and Marcus Gilchrist talk almost every day. He is going to be my roommate. I am not sure how long that will last with me being a receiver and him a corner. We met at one of the games last year and we have kept in touch ever since then," stated the talented receiver.

In just about two weeks Jones will head to Tigertown.

"I think I have to move in on July 3. I can't wait to get there. I want to learn the system as soon as I can so I can get on the field," said Jones.

Jones wanted to leave Clemson fans with the following message about the season opener against Florida State.

"That is going to be crazy. I can't wait," said Jones. "It's going to be Labor Day night, and I can't wait." Top Stories