Nation's No. 13 LB Visiting Clemson

Ebele Okakpu is one of the top linebacker prospects in the entire state of Georgia and the Roswell High standout talked about the latest on the recruiting front.

LB Ebele Okakpu Profile

Ebele Okakpu has been tearing it up this summer. He's landed one major scholarship after another and now has offers from all of his top choices. "It's been great this summer," Okakpu said. "Everything is falling into place and I have a lot of options for college."

Okakpu, 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds, has been enjoying his summer so far.

"I've been doing workouts and going to some 7-on-7 tournaments that our team has competed in," he said. "We've been doing a lot of those to help us get ready for the season. Our team's looking good right now."

On the recruiting front, Okakpu hasn't been to any college summer camps but he does plan on taking a few unofficial visits this coming weekend.

"I'm going to Clemson and North Carolina on Saturday and Sunday," he said. "I just really like the coaches at Clemson. Coach Rumph is recruiting me. I'm liking North Carolina a lot. They just had one of the best recruiting classes in the country with Marvin Austin. I really like Coach Thig(pen). I heard they had a real nice campus and I'm ready to check it out to see what they have to offer."

After those two trips, Okakpu isn't sure what he'll be doing.

"I don't know because I don't have anything scheduled," he said. "I'm trying to make a decision before the start of my season though."

In addition to the Tigers and Tar Heels, Okakpu has four other schools still on his list.

"You got Miami, Georgia, Auburn, and Virginia Tech," he said. "I'm pretty much looking at all the top schools that have offered me."

When we first interviewed him last month, the standout linebacker listed Miami as his favorite. Is that still the case?

"Things have changed since then," he said. "I still talk to them some but I really don't know about them right now. I'm trying to see all the schools on my list before I make a decision though. A visit to Miami could happen but I'm not sure."

With all six schools involved at this point, Okakpu was asked what he'll be looking for in a program.

"The campus and how the coaches treat me," he said. "And a big thing will be how much my parents like it." Top Stories