Gaddis Talks about Clemson Visit

One of the Tigers' top recruits for 2003, QB C.J. Gaddis made the trip down to Death Valley to see the game yesterday against Ball State. What did he think and how did it compare to his trip last weekend to Chapel Hill? Details inside.

Did you make it down to Clemson yesterday?
Gaddis: Yeah I did. It was a lot of fun down there, I enjoyed myself. We got down there at the start of the 1st quarter and then we stayed there for the whole game.

What did you think about the atmosphere?
Gaddis: It wasn't even a packed house and it was kind of loud down there.

Did you get to meet a lot of the other recruits down there?
Gaddis: No, I got there right at the beginning of the game. I saw a couple of guys there but I didn't get to meet that many.

Were you able to talk to any of the coaches before you left?
Gaddis: Yeah, I talked to Coach O'Cain before I left. He got to meet my dad for the first time, so that was good. It was good to be down there.

How was your visit to Chapel Hill?
Gaddis: It was fun, I just took that visit to enjoy myself. That was a just a game that I wanted to go see you know. We had a good time.

Are you still committed to Clemson?
Gaddis: Oh yes sir, no doubt about that.

Do you have anything else set up yet in terms of visits?
Gaddis: No, not yet.

How have things been going for you this season?
Gaddis: I've been playing pretty good, I think I could do better. Right now we are 3-1, we lost this past Friday. We missed an extra point early in the game and that just seemed to hurt us. We lost 35-34.

What were your stats like in the loss?
Gaddis: I ran for 208 yards and passed for 168 so I've been running more lately. We've running the option a little bit, or if we are out of the shotgun and things start to break down I'll just take off.

Have any other schools been in touch with you recently due to your recent success on the field?
Gaddis: North Carolina has a lot. They started sending me something like 6 or 7 letters a day.

What does somebody say in six letters a day?
Gaddis: I don't know, you read through it, but most of it just ends up being a bunch of junk.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with C.J.
Gaddis: Good talking with you. Top Stories