AUDIO: Bowden Talks 2007 Season

PINEHURST, N.C. - Listen to Tommy Bowden talk about the upcoming season at the ACC's annual media event.

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You've talked since the end of the season about using a two back system on the field at with James Davis and C.J. Spiller. Is really going to be a dramatic change this year? How much of a new thing is this going to be?
Bowden: Well I'd hate to tell you how much because we play them and if I get real detailed then you write it and they read it on the internet or in a newspaper. So that would defeat the purpose of doing new things. But the one thing we've talked about is two guys in the backfield ... one's a blocker and one's a runner. I think it's more important that we get them on the field together, not in the backfield together. Whether that be in the slot, motion on reverse, bubble screens, or at quarterback, ala McFadden like at Arkansas. Those are the things we've tried to incorporate. I'd hate to tell you how much and to what degree. You know also one of the advantage of having two (quality backs) is fresh legs. So you walk a fine line there.

So that would be C.J. out there instead of James because of his skills?
Bowden: Little bit better hands. Little more elusive in space. James has a little more power.

Do you ever lose any sleep at night wondering if James and C.J. will always coexist the way they have since they've both been here.
Bowden: No I think if that would have surfaced it would have been initially. But their initial response was so positive. But what helps is Southern Cal, Arkansas and Minnesota. That helps. They remember all those scenarios with those backs. That really really helps. But if anything would have surfaced from an unselfish standpoint, it would have earlier.

Everybody talks about how much pressure there is to win an ACC title. Yet you are going into your ninth year and you are still here without winning one. Is that kind of overblown?
Bowden: I just think you have to look at the stats, which is what y'all do. Since Florida State has come into the league in 1992, there's been four champions in 16 years. It's obviously pretty hard to do. Coming within one point the last two years ... we are close. But you have to be careful about the fact ... 'well then he's satisfied. He's satisfied with being close. He's satisfied with eight wins. He's satisfied with nine wins' because I don't know what you are going to write or what the perception would be. No I'm not satisfied. No. But again, but it's not like we are way far off. It's not like we have to re-invent the wheel. If I got to be somewhere other than the champion I'd rather be real close. What that's worth I don't know. But 16 years with four champions it's obviously hard to do.

Outside of exposure, what are some of the positives of playing Florida State on Labor Day Night?
Bowden: There is no redeeming factor other than the national exposure. (laughing) I think, on the serious side, you are going to find out right off the bat how far you have to go and how good of a team you are and what kind of potential you have. I think that's a positive.

What is the positive and negative of playing against your dad?
Bowden: The bad is that they are well coached and very talented. He's the winningest coach in the history of college football. The good is ... I don't know there is any good ... unless you win. Again, it's not so much me beating him because neither one of us play. But from a professional standpoint, they are awfully talented and if you can beat them you are beating the best there is out there. Top Stories