Coffman Sets Clemson Visit

Josh Coffman has been steadily moving up the recruiting charts this season, and rightfully so. The big tight end stands in at 6-feet, 6-inches tall and weighs 240 pounds. Clemson was the first school to offer Coffman, and caught up with Coffman this week for an exclusive recruiting update.

Josh Coffman Profile

Make no mistake about it, the Tigers are moving fast and furious to find another quality tight end prospect. The search has stretched all the way from Missouri through the Carolinas, and straight down to Florida.

And speaking of Florida, TE Josh Coffman (6'6, 240, 4.7), out of Palmetto High School, in Palmetto, Florida, just happens to be one the main targets of the Tigers' coaching staff. spoke with Josh recently to find out about how recruiting has been going, and which schools are his current favorites.

How have things been going for you this season?
Coffman: We're doing real well, we are 3-0 and right now, we aren't ranked yet, but we are receiving votes which is a big improvement for us because we haven't started off this well in a long time.

What was your record last year?
Coffman: We were 3-7 last year.

Are you playing primarily at tight end?
Coffman: Yeah- I play offense the entire game and then I'll play the first and fourth quarters on defense also.

How many passes have you caught through 3 games?
4 passes for 65 yards and a touchdown.

Which schools have been in contact with you the most?
Coffman: Clemson has been in touch with me the most. I'm getting phone calls from a bunch of different schools though. Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Duke have been in touch and I've been getting so many letters that I haven't even had the time to open them all yet.

Have you been to any college football games this fall?
Coffman: Yeah I went to Florida-Miami game and I'm going to Florida State-Miami game too.

Which Clemson coach has been your primary recruiter?
Coffman: Brad Scott has, in fact he was the one that called me right before you did, that was why the phone was busy.

Are you planning on taking an official visit to Clemson this fall?
Coffman: Yeah- I just scheduled my official visit for January 10th. I don't have any other ones set up yet.

Who would be your top schools right now?
Coffman: Well, I'm really down to just 3 schools right now, Clemson, Florida, and Miami in no particular order. That's about it. Florida and Miami are sending me a lot of mail and requesting film, so they're interested but not as much as Clemson.

Do you have a preference of staying instate or out of state?
Coffman: I'm indifferent, it's just wherever I feel most comfortable. I felt really comfortable at Clemson when I was up there this summer though.

How did that visit go?
Coffman: I was up there in early July right after a camp while I was on vacation. We stopped by there, and Coach Scott gave us a tour for about 4 hours. It went pretty good.

Is that when you received the scholarship offer?
Coffman: No that was actually back in the spring a couple of months before I made it up there.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Josh for taking the time to speak with us. We will continue to keep you updated on Coffman throughout the season. Top Stories