CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

CLEMSON - Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden, now entering his ninth year with the Tigers, talks with the media Saturday after the first day of practice.

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Opening Comments
Bowden: I thought the guys we moved, Sadat (Chambers) (to running back) and Michael (Wade) (to safety) and (Kevin) Alexander (to bandit) did a pretty good job today. Sadat looked really really good at running back. Watching 'em kick, we spent a lot of time on kicking, we always kick early in practice. I thought Mark Buchholz kicked good and Richard Jackson punted good. That was good to see. It was a good first day. It was a long three hours with the heat and humidity and it's only get worse looking at the weather with the heat. I hate to go out there and just drain them on the first day so we cut back a little bit on the conditioning. We did condition, I just didn't do as much as we had planned on the first day. We put the five walk ons on scholarship ... Jimmy Maners, Ben Ramsey, Brian Baker, Jermaine Martin and Chris Wade. Those five guys.

You've talked in the past about trying to stay in the forefront about protecting guys from the heat. Is there anything new, technology wise, you are doing to help this year?
Bowden: I cut back on conditioning for the first day since I've been a head coach. Other than that I think our trainers do a pretty good job, we talk about water, we get them plenty a lot of water. One of the reasons we are out here so long is because we take a lot of breaks and we make them sit down. I think we are doing the things, from a medical standpoint, that's about all we can do. I just felt like with what we are anticipating Monday and Tuesday, when it's 96 and 97 degrees. I needed to cut back on conditioning today.

What are your impressions of Antonio Clay considering it was his first practice back in quite some time?
Bowden: Just a little overweight and out of shape. Just doesn't have his football sharpness and crispness back as if he went through spring ball and all of that. You can definitely tell he has been out.

How is Antonio's state of mind?
Bowden: Seems to be good. First day. I really didn't see how he did with his assignments but he seemed to be bouncing around pretty good. He's about 20 pounds heavier. Mentally he seems to be pretty good.

How did your quarterbacks look out there today ... Cullen Harper and Willy Korn?
Bowden: They did good. We didn't do a lot of live work against the defense. That's the best indication of progress for a game-type environment. As far as doing the things Rob (Spence) asks, checks and reads and throwing and skeleton versus the defense we had they did pretty good. But I'm sure Rob will be a little more critical than I am. Top Stories