CUTigersTV: DeAndre McDaniel

CLEMSON - Freshman defensive DeAndre McDaniel enters fall camp bracketed with Mike Hamlin as the starting cat safety for the Clemson Tigers. caught up with McDaniel this weekend to get his thoughts on the upcoming season, his hopes for playing time and more in another edition of CUTigersTV.

McDaniel, who enrolled at Clemson in January, was one of the biggest surprises of spring practice. He used his success in March and April to move into contention for serious playing time as a true freshman.

Below is a transcript of the interview that can be seen above:

DeAndre, how much did it help you being here for the spring, especially with fall practice starting today?
McDaniel: "It got me ahead of a lot of the other CAT safeties. It got me a little jump start. I came out co-starter so I just work hard and got that spot."

How did your summer workouts go?
McDaniel: "Yeah I went home. I went home because I had a little child. Then when I went home I had a personal trainer and just worked with my trainer every day. I came back up here a little stronger and a little bigger. I am at 205 now so coach Batson was happy about that so everything went good."

What do you think your chances are to see the field early this year?
McDaniel: "Well I want to start but then again I got Mike Hamlin in front of me. I don't want to take anything away from him. He is a good player. He is like a big brother to me. I am like the elementary kid just coming home with some stuff I just learned and he is just teaching me something else that the teacher didn't teach me. He is like a big brother to me."

What do you think it will it feel like to play that first game against Florida State in Death Valley?
McDaniel: "I am going to love it. That is my hometown favorite. I like Florida State, if they aren't playing against us that is who I am rooting for so of course I am going to want to play and play a lot. I am going to make plays."

Are you looking for some bragging rights that night?
McDaniel: "Oh yeah, I am going to talk. I am going to talk all day when I get there. When I am there they talk to me when I am home and I'm going to talk to them when I get home." Top Stories