CUTigersTV: CB Marcus Gilchrist

CLEMSON - Before freshman cornerback Marcus Gilchrist stepped foot on campus, he was thought to have an excellent chance to see the field during his first year. With offseason workouts and his first official practice behind, nothing has changed.

In fact, Gilchrist could log more snaps than any other freshman on the team this year, save DeAndre McDaniel and possibly Willy Korn.

A former four-star prospect an U.S. Army All-American Game performer, Gilchrist should be in position to contribute as a reserve corner and on special teams as a kick returner. caught up with Gilchrist after his first practice Saturday afternoon for another episode of CUTigersTV. A transcript has also been provided below:

Marcus how did the second summer session go for you?
Gilchrist: "It is going pretty good. I have been going to class every day. We got some good work in out there on the field for the first day of practice. It is a tough adjustment, but I think we have improved from the summer session."

How hard was the summer workout sessions for you?
Gilchrist: "Coach Batson is a hard working person. He just pushed us hard during the summer workouts. We finished all the times on time so I think overall we did pretty good."

What did it feel like to finally get out on the field for the first day?
Gilchrist: "It felt pretty good getting out there with all the guys and playing with all of the guys that are going to be my teammates."

What can you tell about the difference in the level of play at Clemson compared to the high school level?
Gilchrist: "There is a tremendous difference. Everybody is just as big. Everybody is just as fast and just as strong. You have to come out here and compete every day. This is an every day job."

What are your goals for this first year?
Gilchrist: "Just to contribute." Top Stories