The Season with Kyle Parker - WEEK ONE

Bartram Trail (Fla.) quarterback and Clemson verbal commitment Kyle Parker is doing a weekly diary on to document his senior season. In his first entry he talks about text messaging and recruiting, baseball, his senior season, and much more!

This week I participated in the East Coast showcase (baseball). It was a professional showcase for coaches. They have the best players from different states playing against each other. I saw coach T.R. (Tom Reginos)there for Clemson. I played catcher the whole tournament.

I actually just moved to catcher. Coach T.R. wants me to play catcher at Clemson. It is something new. It is pretty cool. It is not as bad as having a 300-pound lineman coming at you.

If I get drafted it will be a huge decision. Whenever I go to Clemson I feel so comfortable. I just feel like Clemson is the place that God wants me to be. I love playing football. I wouldn't turn that down for anything. Clemson is giving me the opportunity to play baseball also so I wouldn't trade that for money. There are more important things than money.

For football, we have been lifting hard all offseason. Our workouts usually start at 7:30 and last until about 10. Usually the back and receivers workout together in the weight room. Then we go out and run. Then we run a drill for conditioning. We do like five 300-yard shuttles or 10 100 yard sprints. We switch it up. One day we will have squat parties. A lot of people on the team have put on some weight over the summer.

(Kyle's mother and others at Bartram Trail have raised money to help a team in Alaska get a new field for their team.)

NBC News is actually coming by tomorrow to do a story about what we are doing and on our first day of practice. My mom is going up to Alaska for one of their games.

This year I just want to win a state championship. I just want to have a good time. I want to enjoy it and not try to grow up too fast. I want to work hard and bond with our team.

I have my schedule setup so I can graduate early, but we are starting classes later so there is a two week layover. When I graduate they would have already started classes at Clemson. It wouldn't work out too well. I also want to be able to play baseball, but Clemson has told me I could play up there in the spring if I wanted to. I haven't made up my mind yet as to if I'm going to do that.

The new text messaging rule is not a good rule. That is how I mainly talked to coach Swinney. I would text him all the time. I've heard they might want to put in a clause that would allow texting once a player has committed. The text messages never bothered me. In recruiting you just have to be organized and know what you want in a school. I just wrote down what I wanted in a school and went from there.

I pretty much closed my recruitment once I committed to Clemson. I don't really get calls from other schools. They know I want to go to Clemson.

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