Sunday Practice Insider

CLEMSON – Say this about Sadat Chambers, he's not someone who welcomes change with open arms. Once he gets comfortable with something, he prefers to stick with it.

That's why his recent and sudden move to running back isn't exactly what he preferred.

Chambers, a redshirt sophomore, was moved from safety to running back just before the start of fall camp because of the depleted numbers at that position. He was a backup at safety, too, but the Clemson football team was in a desperate situation at running back.

So, somewhat begrudgingly, Chambers made the move.

"I came here and started (out) on defense, so defense is kind of in my blood," he said. "(Given my choice) I probably would have stayed on defense."

However, Chambers came to Clemson thinking he was going to be a running back, but he was quickly moved to defense. That move didn't sit well at the time, either.

"I was upset about that, too," he said.

But Chambers grew to like defense and odds are the same thing will happen now that he's a running back.

He's also quick to point out that he will do whatever is best for the team and not necessarily for him. Besides, he understands that this is a good way for him to get on the field more.

"I wasn't upset because I'm a team player, so I did it for the team," he said. "I wasn't sure that I wanted to, but I'm kind of happy about it now.

"It's a chance to get on the field and I want to get on the field. Plus, I did it for the team. I've just got to get all the plays and stuff right then I'll be ready."

In just two days of practice, Chambers has already displayed the type of talent that helped him earn the S.C. AA Back of the Year awards as a junior and senior at Pageland Central High.

"Sadat's looking good, he's looking really good," said star tailback James Davis. "You can tell he's a natural running back."

Chambers said his style is more of a slasher instead of someone who runs through defenders. Nonetheless, it's still taking some time getting used to his new position.

"I really don't know now (what my style of running is), he said. "I've got to get the feel for it back."

WHO'S HOT: The entire defensive line freshmen class has done nothing but impress the coaching staff with their massive size and mobility.

"They look good right now," defensive line coach Chris Rumph said. "We're throwing a lot at them. I'm trying to be as hard as I can on them. They're making some mistakes just like a freshman would, but they're responding and they're trying to give an effort.

"Those guys are so big and they're able to run. The way they are, they're pretty impressive."

WHO'S NOT: Kicker Richard Jackson has struggled early with his field goal kicking and it looks like Mark Buchholz has a pretty decisive advantage at placekicker. However, Jackson is doing well at kickoffs and has punted well.

QUICK HITS: Defensive tackle Rashaad Jackson continues to impress everyone. He was singled out once again in a team meeting. ... Former linebacker Kevin Alexander has done well in his first two days at his new position of Bandit. ... "I'm very impressed with him," Rumph said. "He's strong, big and fast. His thing is the learning curve and how well he's going to be able to adjust from Mike linebacker to putting his hand down. He's going to put some heat on some guys." Top Stories