CUTigersTV: LB Scotty Cooper

CLEMSON - Freshman linebacker Scotty Cooper talks about his first weekend of practice at Clemson and more.

Cooper, a former four-star prospect out of Lake City, entered offseason workouts as a free safety but has already been moved to SAM linebacker.

While there, he'll compete with starter Tramaine Billie and back-up Jeremy Campbell. caught up with Cooper this past weekend to get his thoughts on the upcoming season, his adjustment to college life and more. A video interview is posted below, as well as a transcript of the interview.

How did the first day of practice go?
Cooper: "Up tempo. A lot of fast pace stuff. It was just like getting a lot throw at you like and stuff like that. It was hot, but not too hot. There was a lot of up tempo stuff and fast pace stuff. Moving and doing this and doing that."

How did you enjoy the summer workouts?
Cooper: "I enjoyed them. They are pretty tough you know. It is a big difference from high school. It is just football stuff. It is a lot more reps and a lot more heavier lifting. You focus on key stuff, but it was alright."

What is the biggest difference you notice on the field between high school and Clemson?
Cooper: "At this camp it is just the way stuff gets thrown at you. How much you learn on the first day and how hard you get coached. You get coached harder. It is just the tempo, the fast pace. You move from this place to that place and stuff like that. That is the biggest difference. Everyone already knows about things like the speed of the game and stuff like that."

How are the older guys treating you?
Cooper: "Good. They are very helpful. If I don't understand something Tramaine Billie or Jeremy Cambell will tell me or any of the other guys, some of the cornerbacks. If I have a question I ask them and they help me at the SAM position."

How is the adjustment to school?
Cooper: "Good, it is tough. There is more work, but it's all right. It is fun."

Is summer a good way to start out by getting a couple of classes under your belt?
Cooper: "Yeah, it really is. I am glad that we are doing this because it gives us a step forward and lets us go ahead and get adjusted to the schedule and to what we are going to be doing."

What is it going to feel like Labor Day night to run down that hill for the first time?
Cooper: "It is going to feel like paradise. I have been dreaming about that all my life. I might cry my first time down there."

How will it feel to open up with such a big game?
Cooper: "It is a real big game. I am excited about it. It is the best of the best. Florida State and Clemson on Labor Day. It doesn't get any better than this." Top Stories