CUTigersTV: C.J. Spiller

CLEMSON - caught up with sophomore running back C.J. Spiller to get his thoughts on preseason camp, opening the season with Florida State, the quarterback situation and more!

After rushing for 938 yards on just 129 carries a season ago (7.3/attempt), C.J. Spiller could be poised for even greater things in 2007. spoke with Spiller this past weekend for another episode of CUTigersTV, which is posted below. A transcript has also been provided for users without high speed internet access.

Obviously this is a different year for you as you enter your sophomore season. Can you talk about the changes with this team from last year to this year?
Spiller: "Well we have a new offensive line and a lot of new stuff going in. I am just taking it one practice at a time. I just want to prepare the best way that I can to help my team win games."

How much does you great freshmen year help you coming into this year confidence wise?
Spiller: "It gives me a lot of confidence, but I just got to stay humble and be ready for a new season. I know it is going to be a tough one now that everyone knows who I am. I am just preparing harder than I did last year. That is what I have been doing."

Did you do anything different during the summer this year to prepare?
Spiller: "I wouldn't really say I changed up too much. I ran a little more and watched a little more film. I really didn't change too much because when you do that it is when you get sidetracked."

What will it be like having you and James in the backfield together some this year?
Spiller: "It is going to be great. It is going to give us a lot of mismatches plus our receivers Jacoby, Rendrick, Aaron and Tyler Grisham. It is going to give us a lot of mismatches and hopefully give us an undefeated season."

How important is it for you and James to help the quarterbacks?
Spiller: "We know they are going to stack the box on us probably. We got to be ready for that. Whenever the quarterback gets in a tight situation we will be there to get him out of it. Coach Spence is doing a great job of preparing those guys so I know those guys will be ready for anything that is thrown at them."

What will it be like to play your Florida State buddies on Labor Day night in Death Valley?
Spiller: "It is going to be great. I have a couple of my friends on there. Both teams will be well prepared for the season. It is going to come down to who is going to make the least mistakes. Hopefully that will swing our way."

Will you be looking for a few bragging rights when you go home next year?
Spiller: "Yeah, a little bragging rights, but win or lose we are still going to be buddies. It is just a game of football." Top Stories