CUTigersTV: DE Kourtnei Brown

CLEMSON - Freshman bandit end Kourtnei Brown will be the first admit the jump from the high school ranks to college can be a bit overwhelming.

The former four-star defensive end out of Victory Christian (N.C.), like many of his freshman counterparts, is working hard to adjust to life in college. caught up with Brown after his first practice this weekend to get his thoughts on offseason workouts and more in another episode of CUTigersTV. A transcript of the interview has also been provided below.

How did your first day of practice go?
Brown: "Well it was a little wild. It was more than what I thought. I am really going to have to focus. I am learning more plays. I wasn't use to learning a lot of plays. I am going to have to focus on learning more plays and just focus and think about what I am doing."

How did summer workouts go for you?
Brown: "That was pretty cool. I did pretty good. I worked hard and it paid off, but today it was a different story."

What is the biggest difference you saw on the field today verse your practices at Victory Christian?
Brown: "I would say the speed and the quickness. It was a much faster pace than high school and where I came from. In essence it is what you were supposed to expect but it was fast. You gotta keep up."

How are the older players treating you?
Brown: "I really appreciate it because when they see me getting down or whatever they continue to uplift me. They just tell me I am going to make it and just keep doing good."

What will it be like that first night to run down the hill?
Brown: "It is going to be excellent, fantastic. I can't even find the words for that."

Are you keeping in touch with Brenston Buckner?
Brown: "I talked to him yesterday. I am going to call him again tonight."

What has he been telling you?
Brown: "He just tells me to keep my head up and fight hard. In the end I will be rewarded." Top Stories