Checking In with Willy Korn

CLEMSON - caught up with freshman quarterback Willy Korn to get the latest on his first scrimmage, the ongoing battle for playing and more!

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Willy we heard the numbers from the scrimmage Saturday - 7-of-13 passing with three touchdowns and an interception. What did you do right out there and what did you do wrong?
Korn: The bottom line right now is that I'm a little inconsistent. I'll have a good play then I miss a read. I'll make a good throw then I'll make a bad throw. Right now I just need to focus on keep learning the playbook and becoming a little bit more consistent out there, especially during the scrimmages.

Is that just the inexperience of being a freshman quarterback?
Korn: Definitely inexperience and getting some different looks that I haven't seen in practice yet. But at least when I made the mistake, I knew what I needed to do to correct it. That's a good thing that I'm at the point now, you know during the spring if I made a mistake I'm not really sure what I did wrong. Now, when I threw an interception to DeAndre (McDaniel) I know what I did wrong. I should have thrown down to the running back. At least I'm getting to that point now where I know what I'm doing wrong and I know how to correct my mistakes.

Speaking with Cullen Harper last week, he said he felt like had strengthened his position as the starter. What are your thoughts on that?
Korn: Cullen has been playing awesome. He's been doing a really good job moving the ball with the first team. He's making the right checks and making the right throws. He's really doing a great job and I'm just trying to learn from him and from Coach Spence.

A lot of the players have been talking about the heat this past week or so. How hard has it been for you to get out there and practice well in 100+ degree temperatures?
Korn: It's awful. The weather has been awful. But it's the same for everybody else. Everybody else is going through it. Once we make it through camp we'll be home free.

What do you think the changes will be in this offense this season?
Korn: We are very explosive on offense as far as our skill players go. We have Jacoby Ford, C.J. Spiller, some of the fastest players in college football. I think you'll see a lot more downfield throws compared to last year. The one's have been doing a great job getting the ball downfield (in preseason camp) but because our skill players are so fast.

Were things moving around any faster or slower for you than what you saw in the spring during your first scrimmage?
Korn: It's about the same speed. But when you haven't scrimmaged since the spring you just have to kind of get back into it.

In summary, just talk about how your first scrimmage went overall.
Korn: I think I did a good job. My first series wasn't good - that's when I threw the interception. It's not high school football anymore. You aren't going to be able to sit back there for eight seconds and make a downfield throw. If my first read isn't there, my second read isn't there, I have to check down to the running backs. That's probably the biggest thing I got out of it. Top Stories