On the Record: Miguel Chavis

CLEMSON - He's been one of the early standout performers of preseason camp: nose guard Miguel Chavis. "I'll have a chance to play this year if I can continue to work hard for the team and keep busting my butt out there," he said.


Miguel you are one of several freshmen who is in position to play this season. Do you feel like you are going to see the field?
Chavis: I'm in position. I've worked really hard and the coaches have prepared me. I'll have a chance to play this year if I can continue to work hard for the team and keep busting my butt out there.

We've heard talk about you playing inside as a tackle or nose guard, and also as an end. Where are you playing right now?
Chavis: Nose guard. I really enjoy it.

Is that were you feel most comfortable? Nose guard?
Chavis: I really do. I've played a lot of different positions ... tight end, linebacker, d-end, nose guard but I'm used to play d-end. But early in camp, I'm 265 right now and thought eventually they could move me. They moved me early, and gave me a chance to appreciate the position and learn the position. So I'm enjoying it right now.

265 ... is that the ideal size for you playing at nose guard?
Chavis: 265, but I work very hard in the weight room and I am a very strong guy. Being quick is one of my bonuses because you have to have the strength to play inside. Those are some big boys inside, some of them are 330 (pounds). But you always want to be aggressive and learn the schemes so you know what you are doing and Coach Rumph has done a good job and prepared me very well to play that position.

Speaking of big boys, you are going to see some big boys on Sept. 3rd against Florida State. Have you thought about that game as a freshman, running down the hill and going though everything is a part of Clemson football?
Chavis: I have. I think about it every day. I dream about it. Sept. 3rd- I've been waiting for it my whole life. You grow up watching Clemson and watching Florida State. I just feel honored to be a Clemson Tiger and to be playing here.

How much of practice has been devoted to Florida State at this point? Or is that a few more days away?
Chavis: We're preparing for ourselves right now. Florida State is a great team but we are really good as a unit. Coach Bowden talks about building a foundation and adding bricks. Every player is a brick. You always want to prepare for a team but you have to worry about yourself. You want to take care of what you need to do but you want to be reacting. You want them to be reacting to you.

This defense has some talent returning this year and now younger players like you and DeAndre McDaniel are going to be added to the mix. Talk about what you've seen from this unit early on.
Chavis: We have big guys. We have fast guys. We have strong guys. A lot of people are going to be surprised by this defense. We are working hard and we have a lot of speed. A lot of people don't know how fast we really are. And Phillip Merling ... I don't want to call out anybody but that guy is amazing. To see that guy ... he's a great ball player.

Obviously the heat has been a huge factor through the first 10 days of practice. Talk about what that has been like for you.
Chavis: It's mental. You have to fight through it. It's hot but they keep us hydrated. But it's really about who wants it the most. You are going to be tired, you are going to be sweating and you are going to lose five pounds during practice. You just have to be prepared so you can work through the heat.

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