On the Record: Xavier Dye

CLEMSON - Freshman wide receiver Xavier Dye told CUTigers.com the wide receivers have one motto this season ... "carpe diem." Read on to find out more!

Xavier obviously you have an edge on some of the other freshmen because you were here during spring practice. But right now, as things stand, do you expect to play this season?
Dye: Yes sir. I've doing really good I think the biggest thing for me is to become more of a complete receiver. That's what the coaches are looking for. Just staying consistent - that's the main thing. Obviously I need to make sure I know the playbook too which I think I'm getting a good grasp on right now.

What has been the biggest adjustment for you coming from Byrnes to the college level?
Dye: The playbook. It's a lot to learn. There are so many things we can do with our playbook. It's crazy what we can do to a defense when we can line up one way and the defense expects one thing and we do something completely different. It's real neat how we do that, but the main thing is the playbook.

What do you make of Willy Korn's performance so far in preseason camp? Do you think he'll see the field this season?
Dye: Yes sir I think he has a chance. He's competing well against Cullen. Cullen is doing good and they both are performing well. We'll have to see when it's time to play.

Give me your thoughts on the offense this season. There is the thought out there that last year's team did not go downfield, vertically, enough. What do you think about this season.
Dye: I think so (we will go down field more). I think this offensive line coming back is going to protect our quarterbacks so that is going to give us the chance with the deep balls. I think we'll go downfield a little bit more. We are trying to get two to three more big plays than our opponents.

What are your thoughts about opening the season and your college career with Florida State?
Dye: Every time I ride by the stadium I get chill bumps. I just look at the stadium and think about how many people are going to be here. It's going to be crazy with that first game against Coach Bowden's dad. It's going to be fun.

We've heard coach Bowden say this in years past, but do you have to be careful not to be too amped up when you play Florida State? After all you do have 11 games after that one.
Dye: Oh yeah. If we go out and win and then go out and lose to somebody afterwards that we know we should have beat. We have to stay humble and keep moving forward. That's our motto with the receivers, "carpe diem" ... seize the day baby. That's what we are trying to do, take it one day at a time.

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