CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

CLEMSON - Watch Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden after Saturday's practice as the Tigers continue preparations for the season opener against No. 19 Florida State.

OPENING COMMENTS: One thing we had a little team pass where we go good on good. Most of our work is against Florida State but we do get some live bullets when we go good on good. Yesterday we couldn't get a pass off against our defense, today we got every one of them off. Same players, same potential just different results. I talked a little bit about attitude and trying to bring an attitude with you every day at practice and trying to play at a high level. I thought that was a pretty good example of attitude with the offense having it one day and the defense the next.

ON MAKING IT THROUGH THE 'BLACK HOLE' OF THE NEXT FEW DAYS: Yeah. That's kind of where you see what your team is made out of. See how hard they work. See what you got going. We are out here today for three hours and it is hot and humid and there is no game tomorrow or this week. It's not for another eight days or nine days. The consistency you have to have is not there yet.

IS THERE ANY CHANCE THAT WILLY KORN REDSHIRTS? I wouldn't think so. I don't know how we could possibly do that. I haven't thought about that. I mean I have thought about it, but I haven't thought about redshirting him. I've thought about playing him.

ON HOW MUCH OF THE GAMEPLAN IS IN PLACE FOR FLORIDA STATE: Well we got five practices before the game. We've got five good days let so that's a lot so we've got a work left to do but I want to say 75 percent. 80 percent. Top Stories