Saturday Insider Notebook

CLEMSON – In nine days, the Clemson football team will begin its 2007 season on national television against Florida State. But the preparation for that game has been ongoing since the spring.

Tigers head coach Tommy Bowden said that now that the game is right around the corner, he and his coaching staff are close to being fully prepared for that Monday night game.

"I'd say we've got 80 to 85 (percent of the game plan in place)," Bowden said. "We've got a lot of work to do before Florida State, but most everything that we want in (is in)."

There's little doubt that the game plan will include specific plays for junior wide receiver Tyler Grisham, who coaches say has had a real good August.

"He and Aaron Kelly have been the most consistent," Bowden said. "It's going to be neck-and-neck to who's the most consistent between those two."

However, one player that isn't expected to have specific plays drawn up for him is backup freshman quarterback Willy Korn.

Offensive coordinator Rob Spence told last week that he doesn't like employing a two-quarterback system and even Bowden himself said he's not going to play Korn just for the sake of playing him.

Nonetheless, Bowden said there's almost zero chance of Korn redshirting this season, regardless of how starting quarterback Cullen Harper does.

"I don't think so," Bowden said. "I don't know how we could possibly do that."

One aspect that has made game planning for the Seminoles easier this year than it would have been last season with a tough opener is because everybody is for the most part healthy.

The one exception is Sam linebacker Tremaine Billie, who cracked a bone in his left wrist last week and has been sporting a removable, plastic cast. He hasn't missed any practice time and isn't expected to be slowed by it for Florida State.

Defensive end Phillip Merling has a sprained left thumb and center Barry Humphries and right offensive tackle Christian Capote had severe cramping Saturday. But other than that, there aren't any medical problems.

"We're in a lot better shape than we were last year," Bowden said.

WHO'S HOT: Redshirt junior placekicker Mark Buchholz, who has quickly become a media darling by being a very good two-sport athlete. He's a very key member of the nationally ranked soccer team and he has won the placekicking and kickoff duties on the football team.

He has a very strong leg and has showed extreme accuracy in practice. He also has a mental makeup that is very self-confident and strong.

WHO'S NOT: Redshirt freshman placekicker Richard Jackson, who was a high school Parade All-American in high school and seemed to be a foregone conclusion that he'd be the starting kicker. He lost that job and has recently lost the kickoff duties, too. Top Stories