Miller Talks About Florida State

Freshman cornerback Justin Miller is ready to tackle the challenge that lies ahead in the Florida State Seminoles. "I feel confident about my playing time. If I start then I start. I'm fine with the roll I'm playing, and if it happens that I start then I'll be ready to go," said Miller.

What do you know about the atmosphere at Tallahassee?
Miller: I've seen it a lot on television, but I've never had the opportunity to go down there and visit before. It's a great rivalry for Coach Bowden and his father. We want to win one for him for the first time. We need to get us some bragging rights.

How do you approach Florida State after they lost last week?
Miller: We approach them the same way if they would have won. They are a great team, but anybody can be beat on any given night. Unfortunately they lost that game. FSU played a great game, so did Louisville. We are coming in there thinking that Florida State is one of the best teams in the nation because they are. That's how we are going to play them.

Would you like to see a lot of rain down there like there was in Louisville last week?
Miller: No, not really, I don't really like that much rain. But if it rains it rains. I think we are comfortable in the rain, but I'd rather it be dry. We've already played in a couple of games in the rain, and we've played well.

It looks like Florida State is very beatable this year, would you agree with that?
Miller: I think they are. Anybody can be beat on any given day. We just need to go out and play as a team and we'll be okay.

Being only a true freshman, has it hit you yet that you'll be in Tallahassee playing on national television?
Miller: This weekend I went home everybody was talking about us playing Florida State- it hit me then. But to me you have to look at them as any other game, even if you were playing Duke. You have to respect Duke because Duke can beat you. That's the same way I look at this game. You look at them like any other team even though they have a lot of great athletes.

Is it good for this defense that alot of these young guys haven't been here for all of those big losses down there?
Miller: I think it is. In a way, we never had to deal with that, we are just making our presense known this year. We are trying to establish ourselves.

Does playing at Georgia earlier in the season help you in this game?
Miller: I think it will. Georgia was a great game, we were up some time, and we were down some time, but it was a great experience to play in that game for the first one. It was good for us to match up with a great receiving corp.

Are you ready to grab the starting job?
Miller: I feel confident about my playing time. If I start I start. I'm fine with the roll I'm playing, and if it happens that I start then I'll be ready. I've been told I can play at anytime. I just need to be ready for anything.

How do you match up with guy as big as Anquan Boldin? (6'3, 220)
Miller: I feel like I can play anybody at any size. If you try to throw the deep ball I'm going to go up with you and go get it. And if you throw a short route I'm going to come up and tackle too. I'm not the lightest person in the world either. Top Stories