Tuesday Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON – Though he's just beginning his first full season as a starter, redshirt sophomore cornerback Chris Chancellor knows exactly what he's doing and how to do it the correct way.

He's been so good at his craft that he's got a new nickname.

Chancellor now wears the moniker of ‘Coach Vic' because he does everything the way Clemson defensive coordinator and secondary coach Vic Koenning asks him and the other cornerbacks to do.

Other members of the secondary say Koenning is constantly using Chancellor as the example of how to do things right, which makes him the teacher's pet in their eyes.

"If you hear Coach Vic say his name, it's always something good," safety Michael Hamlin said. "It's never something bad."

Chancellor said he's not purposely trying to suck up to Koenning, but instead is trying to be the best he can be at that position.

"I just go out there and execute his plays and do everything he tells me to do and try not to mess up and get my fundamentals right," he said. "So when he brags on me for doing everything right and knowing his scheme, everybody is starting to call me ‘Little Vic.' …

"They get on me a little bit and say he's my daddy. But they're just joking around. I take it as a compliment. It means that I'm doing my job and what I'm supposed to do."

Even members of the coaching staff have picked up on it.

At the exact moment Chancellor is saying this to a host of reporters, linebackers coach David Blackwell walks by and blurts out, "Chris Koenning!"

Koenning felt bad his star pupil being picked on and in true teacher's pet fashion, Koenning even asked Chancellor if he wanted him to bust his chops a little so the other guys would quit calling him that.

Chancellor said no.

DOWN TO THE WIRE: It could be as late as Saturday or Sunday before the starters at bandit and middle linebacker are named for Monday's game against Florida State.

Blackwell said current first-teamer Cortney Vincent at middle linebacker has had the most consistent camp, but that Antonio Clay has played really well the last 10 days or so.

Blackwell said he'll probably rotate them evenly early, regardless of who the starter is, and let the player with the "hot hand" play the most late.

Odds are Vincent will start.

Bandit coach Ron West jokingly said he might wait until game day to announce the starter between Ricky Sapp and Kevin Alexander. But of course, he likes it that way because it makes the competition fiercer.

Odds are Sapp will start.

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