On the Record: C.J. Spiller

CLEMSON - We know he'll play running back. He may also play wide receiver. But Quarterback? CUTigers.com sat down with sophomore C.J. Spiller to get the latest on what to expect from him Monday night against Florida State.

Somewhat lost in the shuffle amid all the headlines surrounding Clemson and Florida State this week has been running back C.J. Spiller.

Spiller, who was the subject of much controversy after considering transferring to Florida this offseason, grew up a fan of both the Gators and Florida State. In fact, his idol growing up was former Seminoles standout and current Atlanta Falcon Warrick Dunn - which is the reason he wears No. 28.

However, in his first game against his childhood favorite last season, he rushed for -4 yards on just two carries.

This year Spiller will be utilized in a number of different ways in Clemson's offense, including some at wide receiver and also at quarterback. Count on him seeing the field much more Monday night than he did last year in Tallahassee, perhaps even as many as 50 snaps.

Earlier this week CUTigers.com sat down with C.J. to talk about last year's game, this year's game and more in the following one-on-one interview:

C.J. there has been a lot of discussion this offseason about how you will be used this year. Can you talk about how your role will change playing multiple positions?
Spiller: Well I need to start by being a more focused. I've really had to learn more about how to run routes this year. I'm excited about the season and how Coach Spence and Coach Bowden are going to use me. It gives me chill bumps because I really didn't get used this much in high school.

What about quarterback? Is it safe to say we will see on the field Monday night as a quarterback against Florida State?
Spiller: You could. It depends on whatever the defense gives us. We could line up like that just to throw them off to get them to call a time out or something like that. But if I'm in there, I'll be prepared to throw it. I played quarterback in eighth grade so I can run with it or I can make a read and throw the ball if I have to.

"We have to stay more focused. We lost our focus when we started 7-1 and went to Virginia Tech thinking those guys were going to let us go in there and win. That shell-shocked us."
You've been fairly vocal in how last season ended and how you weren't pleased with how it happened. Talk about the motivation for this team this offseason after what happened in those final five games in 2006.
Spiller: We have to stay more focused. We lost our focus when we started 7-1 and went to Virginia Tech thinking those guys were going to let us go in there and win. That shell-shocked us. It started there. But in one word it's focus. We have to stay focused this year all 12 games.

Looking back to the Florida State game last year ... you really weren't a factor.
Spiller: Oh yeah. I told my mom because she was a little upset after the game that I was a freshman. Right now I think I'm in negative yardage against Florida State. Hopefully that will change come Labor Day. But it was just being so young, learning a new system, playing against a defense like that, Coach Spence really didn't want to put me out there and get my confidence that low.

This has the potential to be another showcase game for you and this team considering the opponent and that it is another nationally televised game. Talk about what you are expecting out of the crowd Monday night.
Spiller: I know Death Valley is going to be rocking. 85,000+. It's going to be great. We are all thinking it's going to be like Georgia Tech last season. I can't wait. We know playing here is a big homefield advantage to us and we expect it will be again Monday.

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