Thursday Practice Report

CLEMSON – James Davis believes there's almost no way to slow down the Clemson offense and he thinks Monday night's game against Florida State won't resemble the low-scoring contests the Seminoles had against Miami to open the last few seasons.

The star junior tailback also says that even if No. 19 Florida State puts eight players in the box it won't hurt the offense.

"With me and C.J. in the backfield, it's going to put them on their toes," he said. "They're going to have to do a lot of thinking. … We'll have me and C.J. on the field at the same time so that right there will stretch them out."

Davis said another sure-fire way the Tigers will be able to move the ball is by playing an offense that is close to being in the hurry up mode.

Last year, Clemson was able to win the game against the Seminoles on a play where the Tigers lined up fast and caught Florida State off guard.

Davis said to expect much of the same this year.

"We want to see their reaction," he said. "If they're still trying to do what they did last year, then they might be in trouble. We're trying to hike the ball with at least nine or 10 seconds, so it's going to be real quick. It's going to be fast paced.

"I think it does well because not only do they have to line up fast, but if they are already lined up, we can see what they're lined up into and we can switch off plays at the same time. And if they're not already lined up and ready, they we already have a play we can go with. I think it matches up well."

But Davis does think that in order for the offense to be successful, the Tigers are going to have to be able to run the ball, regardless of how many defenders are stuffed in the box.

"We're definitely going to have to run the ball just to get everything rolling," he said. "I think they're going to try to come and do the same thing and run the ball. Running the ball is going to help us be able to throw the ball well."

QUICK HITS: Defensive coordinator Vic Koenning wouldn't say who the starters at middle linebacker and bandit are going to be. However, linebacker Antonio Clay said he's been running mostly with the second team and Cortney Vincent with the first time. It's also expected that Ricky Sapp will start over Kevin Alexander at bandit. …

Head coach Tommy Bowden said he spoke with former Miami head coach Larry Coker about how to adjust to the short week with playing on a Monday and then again on a Saturday. ... There were no injuries Thursday. Top Stories