The Season with Kyle Parker - WEEK FIVE

Bartram Trail (Fla.) quarterback and Clemson verbal commitment Kyle Parker is doing a weekly diary on to document his senior season.


We played real well this week. We basically schooled them. It was like 37-0 at the half. I just played in the first half. I was 10-15 for 140 yards and one touchdown. I also rushed five times for 41 yards and two touchdowns.

Xavier had a great game. He had a 92-yard kickoff return. That was pretty cool.

This week we play St. Augustine. This is one of our bigger games. We are trying to get ready. We have practice in the morning at 7 AM so that is why I didn't come up to Clemson this weekend. I am coming up right after practice.

I can't wait to get up there. I haven't been to a night game yet. With it being Florida State and the first home game I hear it is going to be pretty cool.

I went over to Jamie Harper's house last night. I talked with him and his dad.

I think the situation at running back alone makes him interested in Clemson. That is one of the reasons they are in his top two. I think once he gets up there and sees the facilities it will help. Xavier was in love with Florida until he went up to see Clemson.

I guess it will work itself out. The game day experience, the facilities, the chance to play early, it is a good situation for Jamie.

School is going pretty good. This was our first week of school. I only have two academic classes. I only go to school until around 12 every day. I get done at lunch. I sit around and watch film and then workout in the afternoon.

Until next week ... Kyle Parker.

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