Wednesday Bowden Audio

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talk about Louisiana-Monroe Wednesday after practice.


COMMENTS ON LOUISIANA-MONROE: "What jumps out at me about their defense is they are not very big but they will hit you really hard. It looks like they have gone out and tried to find hard-nosed tough guys that will hit you. Not a lot of big guys. They have one 300 pound defensive lineman, but that's the only big defensively. They really really hit you. Offensively they present you with a good bit of option. Shotgun, multiple spread formations, and any time you run option you have play assignment football. You have to account for the quarterback, the handoff guy and the pitch. Also the play-action pass so they present you some problems. Their punter is also exceptional - which is awfully important with field position." Top Stories