GRADES: Tigers Pound Warhawks

CLEMSON – Following every game, each phase of the Clemson football team will be given a letter grade.

Here are this week's grades following the 25th-ranked Tigers' 49-26 victory over Louisiana-Monroe Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium.

OFFENSE: A The only reason the offense didn't get an A+ is because the Tigers actually had to punt a few times. Other than that, they pretty much did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Quarterback Cullen Harper was outstanding in his record-setting performance and has now gone two straight games without a turnover.

DEFENSE: D+ Looks can be deceiving. Even though the first unit only gave up 10 points through three quarters, there were tons of missed tackles and far too many times ULM kept the ball on long drives, especially in the first half. After the game, head coach Tommy Bowden was not one happy camper.

"It'd be hard to say there was anything offensively that we were unhappy with," Bowden said. "Most of the shortcomings came on the other side of the ball. … We did an extremely poor job of tackling. We're going to put the full pads on Tuesday and we're going to tackle Tuesday. They might as well get ready. You might was well write and they might as well read it so they can sleep on it for two days. We'll be tackling in full pads on Tuesday and maybe on Monday."

SPECIAL TEAMS: B+ Things looked good for the most part, but Clemson was unable to recover two onside kicks in the first half. However, the Tigers were bailed out by two offside penalties called on ULM. However, the Warhawks coach thought they were bad calls.

COACHING: B- Bowden stayed true to his word by passing all the way to the end of the game, and that was a good thing. The offense looked good. However, it would have been nice to see backup quarterback Willy Korn stay on the bench to see if Bowden could have gotten away with redshirting him this year. Bowden said earlier in the week that he wish he could do it. The big problem here was defense.

OVERALL: B+ Things could have been better, but considering the extremely short turnaround after having played a tough game Monday night, this was a solid performance by the Tigers, who looked and played like a ranked team. Defense needs to be addressed, but maybe the poor tackling was due to being tired. Top Stories