CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

CLEMSON - Watch head coach Tommy Bowden talk about Saturday's 49-26 win over Louisiana-Monroe.

ON THE GAME: "We had two games in one week, and we've never done that. I don't think I've ever had that as an assistant or a head coach. You're never sure what you are going to get after a big game like the one we had against Florida State on Monday. In all, I'm very pleased to have two wins in a week."

ON THE SHORT BREAK: "After coming off an emotional game we wanted to stay away from a let down. I was very pleased with the turnout of the crowd when we came out of the tunnel. I'm thankful that the crowd came out and gave us a true home field advantage."

ON CULLEN HARPER: "I'm very pleased with how he played. They loaded nine guys in the box at times, so we had the opportunity to throw it a bit. He did a good job executing and making his throws."

ON HARPER'S FIVE TDS: "That gives him a lot of confidence. Willy Korn has pushed him hard in the off-season and Cullen has really stepped up. Cullen has shown a lot of character and this is only going to help him."

ON KICK COVERAGE: "Mark Buchholz has been doing a great job putting the ball in the corner consistently. It's funny, it's a lot of the same guys on the coverage team, but I think Andre Powell has been doing a great job with the unit."

ON FRESHMAN TE BRIAN LINTHICUM: "He's been a little banged up recently, but he's shown a lot of courage. The Florida State game really gave him a lot of confidence and he's played very well."

ON WILLY KORN'S FIRST APPEARANCE: "Well, he came out throwing. We wanted to make sure we got some work in throwing the ball downfield. We want to be sure we can go downfield if we need to." Top Stories