The Season with Kyle Parker - WEEK SEVEN

Bartram Trail (Fla.) quarterback and Clemson verbal commitment Kyle Parker is doing a weekly diary on to document his senior season.


We won 40-0 this week. It was 13-0 at the half. We came out in the second half and blew them out. We are on the right track now.

I had a 70-yard touchdown pass. That was pretty cool. I was 14-25 for about 270 yards and three touchdowns. I also ran for 30 yards and a touchdown.

Xavier had a big hit in the game. He hit some kid so hard that the player's helmet went like five yards in the air. I think it cracked the helmet.

This week we play against Orange Park. We just need to go out and play our game. If we do we should be okay.

I haven't been able to watch Clemson the past two weeks, but I have been following them. They are throwing the heck out of it. I hope they keep doing that.

Xavier and I are trying to plan another week where we can get up to Clemson. I think we may try to come up for the Wake Forest or Virginia Tech game.

It is pretty cool playing for my dad. I am learning a lot this year. I have learned so much more than last year. Having my dad and Carl Smith work with me has been great. I am learning a lot from looking at all the film. It is awesome having Carl around. Hopefully I will be a step ahead when I get to Clemson.

We have talked some about the team from Alaska that we helped. If they win this week they will go to the playoffs. Last year they only won one game. This year they are 3-2 and a win this week sends them to the playoffs.

They sent us the inside of a whale's mouth. It is like a big piece of wood. It is like twelve feet tall. They told us they want us to touch it before we go out for each game. My mom was going crazy before the game because they couldn't find it. Someone had thought it was trash and threw it out in the woods. They had to run out and get it from the woods.

I have been talking with J.K. Jay some. I also talked to Xavier some. I talked to Willy last week after the game. He told me about his first touchdown.

Until next week ... Kyle Parker.

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