Britt Still High on Clemson?

It was learned late last week that Clemson verbal commitment Jarrod Britt would take official visits to South Carolina and Florida this year; how is that verbal commitment holding up now?

McEachern offensive lineman, and Clemson verbal commitment Jarrod Britt has seen the recruiting war for his services heat up in a big way recently. With several teams making a strong push, he's done his best to keep his verbal commitment to the Tigers.

"Yeah, the Florida offensive line coach called me on the bus ride to the game at Tennessee," said Britt. "I thought that was cool, but all the coaches try and do that stuff. Make sure you tell all the Tiger fans I'm still committed to Clemson," added Britt. "I love the offensive line coach up there and Coach Bowden calls me pretty regularly."

What about the season? How have things been going for one of the Tigers' top offensive line prospects?

"We are 2-2 right now, which is disappointing. I don't know what it is...we just haven't been clicking yet, but I think we'll get better. I've graded out pretty well, but obviously it's not good enough if we've only won 2 games," added Britt. "We play Campbell this week so hopefully we can turn it around then."

Britt also had the chance to take in the Tigers' game against Florida State this past Thursday, and had the following comments:

"It was tough seeing Nick Black go down like that, I didn't see the injury but I thought it was great for Coach Bowden to be out there like he was. Overall I thought they played well, they just didn't close it out."

Jarrod's father, Don Britt agreed. "Once Willie threw that last touchdown pass, I thought they'd be in it until the end, just all those turnovers on special teams really hurt," said Mr. Britt.

Don also wanted to clear up some rumors that Jarrod had made the trip over to Columbia this weekend to see the Gamecocks.

"Some rumors were going around on the internet that he was at the South Carolina-Mississippi State game, but that's not true. He we went to the Georgia-Alabama game yesterday," said Don Britt.

So what did Jarrod have to say about Tuscaloosa?

"Those people over there are crazy, they really got into it, but I really just went to see a good football game, it wasn't that big of a deal," said Jarrod.

"We think Coach Bowden is building a program that's on the rise, and I know that's important to Jarrod," added Mr. Britt.

"I think that when the Florida coach called him the day of the Tennessee game that made quite an impression on him, but only a short one. He's still strong with the Tigers."

We'd like to conclude by thanking Don and Jarrod for taking the time to speak us. We'll continue to keep you updated on Jarrod Britt throughout the season. Top Stories