RALEIGH, N.C. - Check out all the big plays from Saturday's 42-20 win.

C. J. Spiller – Touchdown Run
C.J. Spiller – Touchdown Catch
James Davis – Touchdown Catch
James Davis – 1-Yard Touchdown Run
James Davis – Long TD Run – Called Back Penalty
James Davis – Long Run
C.J. Spiller – First Down Catch and Run
James Davis – First Down Run
Jacoby Ford – Should Have Been Touchdown Catch
Jacoby Ford – Long TD Run (Penalty)
Mark Buchholz – First Fieldgoal
Mark Buchholz – Second Fieldgoal
Mark Buchholz – Third Fieldgoal
Mark Buchholz – Fourth Fieldgoal
Ricky Sapp – First Sack
Ricky Sapp – Second Sack
Ricky Sapp – Knock Down Pass
Aaron Kelly – Sideline Catch
Aaron Kelly – Catch Inside 15
Aaron Kelly – Third Quarter Catch
Cullen Harper – Pass to Kelly for First Down
Rendrick Taylor – Long Catch
Brian Linthicum – First Down
Kavell Conner – Interception Then Fumble Top Stories