Monday Notebook: Georgia Power

CLEMSON – James Davis has nearly 30 carries less than the two running backs ahead of him for the ACC rushing title and that's just perfectly fine with him.

And to be honest, that's what he wants.

With so many carries last year, the star tailback seemed to wear down by the end of the season. He even had a shoulder injury that never got better, which many point to the pounding he took carrying the ball so many times.

This year, he's fresh and constantly talks about not spending too much energy in games that he doesn't have to.

And if the rushing numbers take a hit, it's no big deal.

"I feel pretty good because I look at my carries and I have (58) and I look at a lot of guys and they have about 80-something," Davis said. "I feel good where I'm at right now. Me and C.J. (Spiller) have been running well and we're not banged up or anything."

It's not uncommon for skill position players to want to get to the ball as much as possible. That's why some actually take offense when another player of equal talent arrives on the scene or is recruited by the coaching staff.

Not Davis. He sees the bigger picture from a team standpoint and a personal standpoint.

The more playmakers on the team, the better the team will be and the more publicity he will receive. Plus, the less pounding he takes during college means he'll be that much healthier to play at the next level.

"This is kind of what I envisioned when C.J. came here," Davis said. "This is the type of season I like to have. With all those guys with all those carries, you're going to get banged up and bruised up and nicked up. Those are the kind of things you're going to have when you're getting a lot of carries.

"This is kind of what I envisioned going into the season so at the end of the season we will still both be healthy."

GEORGIA POWER: That's not just the name of the electric company that powers the entire Peach State, but that's also the nickname Tigers wide receiver has given to the big play makers on the offense.

Just so happens that the team's best quarterback (Cullen Harper), running back (Davis), receiver (Aaron Kelly) and kicker (Mark Buchholz) all come from the state of Georgia. Michael Palmer, also a starting tight end is from Georgia and all five players are from the Atlanta area.

"Everyone takes pride in where they're from, but we just kind of have that connection," Kelly said. "But none of that stuff matters unless you can come out with a victory."

QUICK HITS: Tight end Michael Palmer said he was fitted for a special cast that will be worn around his ankle so he can continue to play in games. He was forced to miss the Louisiana-Monroe game with a bad ankle. …

Palmer grew up a huge Georgia Tech fan and said he went to a minimum of two games a year. However, the Yellow Jackets backed off of him late in the recruiting process and pulled their scholarship offer. Palmer said today that will be added motivation for him Saturday. Top Stories