Bowden Still Waiting for Answers

CLEMSON – Tommy Bowden is still waiting to hear from the ACC office as to why James Davis was flagged for a personal foul on a clean block that wiped out a long touchdown run by Jacoby Ford in No. 13 Clemson's mashing of N.C. State Saturday.

After the game, Davis told reporters that the official in question said he threw the flag because the vicious block was unnecessary because it was too far away from Ford.

After reviewing it on film, the block in question took place just a mere 13 yards away from where Ford was at the time.

"I sent (the film) in and I did not get an email back yet," Bowden said. "I will call (Tuesday) whether I get an email or not. I'm anxious to hear his answer. … It was a clean and legal block. I'm shocked at the call."

There is a rule in the NFL which states a player isn't allowed to blindside another player with a block that has nothing to do with the play. It's the basically known as the Warren Sapp rule.

However, in college, there is no such rule.

Moreover, Bowden said the block was necessary because he's seen too many instances where someone has just dropped the ball while running and without being hit.

"Wasn't necessary?" he asked. "Wait until that guy stands in my position and loses a game. … I know what his answer is, but he's never stood on that sideline and lost a game from the ball squirting out. …

"It was about 13 yards away from it running full speed. With a full head of steam, how fast do you think you can cover 13 yards (should the ball come loose)? A second? A second and a half?"

LOSING THEIR HEADS: Five times against the Wolfpack, Clemson had players lose their helmets in the midst of the play. Bowden said he's not sure why that took place.

"Maybe it was because of sweat and the chinstrap coming off," he said. "That's the only thing I can think of."

Although he did mention that one of the helmets coming off was due to an N.C. State player hitting offensive tackle Christian Capote under the chin and pushing up. He was quick to point out that no penalty was called on that play.

RIGHT ATTITUDE: What Bowden likes about this team just as much as anything is the way the player are handling things from a mental standpoint.

"I've seen my players respond with some comments with what we're talking about and I think that's a good sign," he said. "Their demeanor right now is, ‘one game at a time and let's play better this week than we did last week.' I'm pleased more with the mental approach week-to-week. I think we've played a little better each week."

Bowden said not getting better each week was a major issue last season and partly to blame for the team's demise.

"I don't know if we were any better in the ninth game than we were in the fourth (last season)," he said. "Had we been making improvement like I think we're doing now, I think we could have finished better. I think that's the difference." Top Stories