AUDIO: Bowden Addresses Korn Rumors

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden discuss Wednesday's practice.


OPENING COMMENTS: Typical Wednesday practice. Practiced a little better today than we did yesterday. Yesterday we did not have a great practice. Just the attitude was really good today.

COMMENTS ON RICKY SAPP: He had his best overall game since I've been here against N.C. State. As I watch every snap, I watch every play of every snap. I can tell. Energy. Everything. Making plays. Showing up. Complete game. Guys like him you can only watch one play and say he's pretty good. The key for him is going to be consistency. Gaines did a lot back to back to back. Consistency is what he needs right now. He's been here for 17 games. That was his most complete game.

COMMENTS ON TASHARD CHOICE: He's powerful. He's durable. He's got great vision. The stats back that up. He had nine 100-yard rushing games back to back. That's the best indicator of a really good back. Consistency. He's tough. He's a north-south runner.

ON AARON KELLY'S IMPROVEMENT: He's been so consistent. He's never in trouble. He's always in class. He always works hard in the weight room. He's been more consistent with big plays. Day in and day out he's more consistent.

ON RUMORS OF WILLY KORN BEING HURT: Did y'all watch him (how well he threw) in the pre-game against N.C. State? Watch him in pre-game this weekend. If I'd let you in practice ... (you'd see he's not hurt). Top Stories