On the Record: Cortney Vincent

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com sits down one-on-one for an interview with MIKE linebacker Cortney Vincent.

He may not be a former five-star recruit or the player that steals all the headlines, but linebacker Cortney Vincent has been one of the more consistent players for the Clemson defense this season.

Vincent, who has started the first four games at MIKE linebacker, is currently fourth on the team in tackles with 24 and third in tackles for loss with three.

CUTigers.com sat down with the former Allendale-Fairfax standout earlier this week to get his thoughts on Clemson's upcoming game with Georgia Tech in another edition of On the Record:

Cortney you guys played great last weekend at N.C. State. Talk a little bit about the mindset of this team right now entering Saturday's game against Georgia Tech. Do you think you guys can play better than what we saw in Raleigh?
Vincent: Oh yeah. We can play better. Our mindset is we are right where we were last year. We know what's at stake. Everybody is working hard in practice to try and play better this week. Some of the guys are talking that we aren't satisfied where we are. Basically we are talking about having a good week of practice so we can take it to the field Saturday against Georgia Tech.

That seems to be a theme for you guys this year - improving from week to week. Is that something you are hearing continuously from the coaching staff and other guys on the team?
Vincent: Well, there is always work to be done. We know that. We won the game last week, but when I look around in the locker room at my guys afterwards, nobody is excited and nobody is satisfied with that game. That's the truth. Everybody on this team is working hard to try and improve from week to week.

Talk about Georgia Tech and some of the problems they bring to the table.
Vincent: Choice ... he's a great running back. He's got good vision. I've watched him. Their offensive line is pretty good. We are dead even right now. They are a lot like us. We know they are going to bring it out against us and we are preparing for their best shot. I'm expecting a good game from those guys.

Do you consider Georgia Tech a true rival? We know South Carolina is. We know Florida State is, but what about Tech? Do you get up for this game?
Vincent: I get up for this game. But I get up for every game. (laughing) When we get down there it's going to be live. Everybody is going to want to see if they respond after the game last year. It should be exciting.

From a player's perspective, does it make a big difference when you go on the road and you see thousands of Clemson fans there supporting you? There were a lot of Clemson fans that made the trip up to N.C. State last week and I'm hearing there will be even more in the stands in Atlanta on Saturday.
Vincent: That's the reason I came to Clemson. I saw all of that during the recruiting process. Clemson fans are always going to be there for you. When you are down they are going to be there. When you are up they are going to be there tailgating and cheering us on. You can't beat it.

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